Nine Things that are more important than Capital for Network Marketing Success

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This entire list is worth more than money. With $1 and the list I'll provide, you can harness the power inherent in the network marketing vehicle, and the world is yours. It is yours, whatever portion of it you desire, whatever growth you desire for your life. I'll offer you the Capital's secret. Capital that is more valuable than money ensures our future and prosperity. Keep in mind that you do not lack resources. Let me give you the list

Time is worth more than money. The time you set aside should not be wasted or given away. Time is set aside to be invested in a business that adds value to the marketplace in the prospect of profit. We are now in capital time. What is the worth of time? Time well spent is money well spent. Time squandered can be disastrous. You invest your time because it can work marvelously.

Lydia, a friend of mine, made her first large investment in her new network marketing firm out of desperation. "My kids are starving, and I have to make this work," she explained. What will I do if this doesn't work?" So she put $1 into her business offering a product she believed in. The $1 was to purchase a few fliers so she could make a retail sale, receive the money, and then buy the merchandise wholesale to deliver to the consumer.

"I will," says determination. Lydia began by saying, "I need to find a customer." Desperation. Second, she stated, "I will find someone before the end of the first day." She did, indeed, find someone. "If it works once, it will work again," she remarked. However, the next person said no.

Courage is worth more than money. I'm telling you, if you only have $1 and a lot of guts, you've got a bright future ahead of you. Regardless of the circumstances, show courage. Whatever occurs, humans can do the most astounding things. Have we not heard the tales? Recent ones from Afghanistan and Iraq are some of the most iconic, amazing accounts of being in the depths of hell and eventually making it out. Humans cannot be undervalued. Courage notwithstanding, not because of, but despite. Now, once Lydia has made three or four sales and is up and running, this is what takes over.

“Wow! If I can sell three, I can sell thirty-three. I can sell 103 if I can sell 33." Wow. Lydia is fascinated by her future fantasies.

She is starting to believe she has a good product. This is most likely a good firm. She then begins to believe in herself.
Lydia is a single mother with two children and no employment. "Oh my gosh, I'm going to do it!" Her self-esteem begins to rise. These are unparalleled investments. Money cannot buy it. What would you do if you had a million bucks but no faith? You would be destitute; you would not be wealthy. Now for the next one, the reason she became a millionaire today.

Put your intellect to use. You've probably used approximately one-tenth of your brainpower up to this point. What if you have nine-tenths remaining nine-tenths? You would not believe what can occur. Humans can devise the most engaging activities. Ingenuity. How much is ingenuity worth? A lot of money. It is worth more than money. All you need is a dollar and some creativity. Trying to figure out how to make things work, work, work.

Heart and soul
What may stand for heart and soul? It's not about money. Heart and soul cannot be purchased with money. A million bucks cannot buy a person's heart and soul. You have no life if you have a million dollars but no heart and soul. You are inefficient. However, heart and soul are like the hidden magic that moves people, moves them to buy, moves them to make decisions, moves them to act, and moves them to respond.

You simply need to tidy up and sharpen your personalities to save a lot of personalities. Just have it developed to the point where it is effective every day, regardless of who you talk to whether it is a youngster or a businessperson, a rich person or a poor person. A distinct anyplace that fits in any place. "You've got to learn to be just as comfortable, Mr. Rohn, whether it's in a small shack in Kentucky sipping a beer and watching the fights with Winfred, my old friend, or in a Georgian mansion in Washington, D.C., as a senator's guest," my mentor Bill instructed me. Move with ease, whether with the wealthy or the impoverished.

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