"Lauren Boebert's Call to Abolish the Department of Education Sparks Controversy"

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Lauren Boebert, a House Republican, has recently called for abolishing the Department of Education to eliminate federal involvement in public schools. Boebert made this proposal while expressing her support for the Parents Bill of Rights legislation, which passed the House of Representatives by a narrow margin of 213-208 votes. However, it is unlikely to gain approval in the Senate, where the Democrats hold a majority.

The Education Debate in America

Education has become a top cultural dividing line between Democrats and Republicans in America, with both sides accusing each other of undermining academic freedom. The Democrats criticize the Republicans for supporting 'book bans', and the Republicans, in turn, accuse the Democrats of promoting 'cancel culture'. Amidst this debate, Boebert's proposal to abolish the Department of Education has attracted significant attention.

Parental Bill of Rights Modifications by Boebert

Boebert offered two changes to the law enacting the Parents Bill of Rights, both of which were accepted. According to the first amendment, schools must inform parents if biological males, who identify as women, were competing in women's sports or were given access to female restrooms. The second amendment also relates to biological males placed as women and participating in women's sports.

Boebert's Call to Abolish the Department of Education

During the debate, Boebert indicated that she would like to go further and end federal involvement in education entirely. She stated, "I'm more in favor of abolishing the federal Department of Education and getting the federal government completely out of public schools, but we're not there now, and we fund public schools."

Boebert's idea has caused controversy and drawn a lot of attention. Several people have asked for more information about her plan to abolish the Department of Education and whether she favors ending all government financing for public schools.

Parents' Bill of Rights Legislation

The Parents Bill of Rights legislation is a Republican-supported bill requiring schools to publish their curricula and provide parents with books available in the school library. By enabling parents to be educated and express their concerns to their local school boards, the measure seeks to promote openness and accountability in the educational system. Although the bill passed the House, it is unlikely to pass the Senate, where the Democrats have a majority.

The Divide in Congress

The Parents Bill of Rights has been criticized by some Democrats, with House minority leader Hakeem Jeffries accusing Republicans of promoting "extreme MAGA Republican ideology" to children and parents. Meanwhile, House Republican Julia Letlow, one of the bill's sponsors, argues that the legislation is not an attempt to dictate curriculum or determine library books but to provide parents with the necessary information to hold their schools accountable.

The Controversies Surrounding Boebert

Boebert is no stranger to controversy. Earlier this week, she suggested that human babies should be added to the endangered species list in the United States due to the impact of abortion. Boebert has also been a vocal critic of 'woke policies' backed by 'far-left extremists' that demand male participation in female sports, which she claims contradict science and undermine legitimate women's accomplishments.


Boebert's proposal to abolish the Department of Education has reignited the culture war debate between Democrats and Republicans. While the Parents Bill of Rights legislation aims to increase transparency and accountability in education, it remains a controversial issue in Congress. Boebert's controversial views on social issues have also drawn significant attention, highlighting the deep divide in American politics.

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