Sea Level Rise in Florida by 2100 Is a Bad Sign for the Sunshine State

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Climate change is one of humanity's most significant challenges, and its impact is being experienced globally. Among the US states, Florida is one of the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. According to a report by the climate risk specialists XDI, Florida is the most at-risk state in the world for economic damage caused by climate change outside of China. This article will explore how climate change could affect Florida's real estate market.

Rising Sea Levels

The rising sea levels are one of climate change's most important consequences on Florida. By 2050, Florida sea levels, like much of the US, are headed for a 1-foot rise on average (above 2020 levels). Moreover, Florida may experience a 6-foot sea level increase by 2100. According to William Sweet, an oceanographer for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the rising amount could be much higher if emissions and resulting ocean and atmospheric heating continue to increase. This means that over 900,000 properties in Florida are at risk of being underwater by 2100.

Impact on Real Estate

The impact of rising sea levels on Florida's real estate market is significant. A real estate company Zillow report predicts that one in eight Florida properties could be underwater by 2100. This means many homes and commercial properties could become unsellable, leading to significant losses for property owners and investors. In addition, insurance costs could increase significantly, and the availability of insurance could be limited in some areas.

Geography of Florida

Florida's geography is a significant factor that makes it particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. With over 1,200 miles of coastline and most of its 18 million residents living within 60 miles of the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico, Florida is particularly exposed to rising sea levels. According to a Florida Energy and Climate Commission report, sea level rise is the most critical threat to the state.


Climate change is a real and present danger that will significantly impact Florida's real estate market. With rising sea levels, many properties risk being underwater, leading to significant losses for property owners and investors. The impact of climate change on the availability and affordability of insurance is another important factor to consider. As climate change continues to affect Florida and the rest of the world, mitigating its effects and adapting to the changing environment are essential.

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