A painful story that makes me smile and feel strengthful !

It’s hard to know what books are worth reading, how to find the time, and whether I will be able to stick with it. I used to get afraid that if they don’t discover the best books to start a reading habit right away, they will get bored and quit. I am not fond of reading. On my last birthday, my friend gave me the novel The Color Purple written by Alice Walker. After reading this, I never thought that it would become one of my favorite books. It took me two nights to complete the story. This book tells the story of the life of a young girl that had a harsh childhood. As she grew up, she became more aware of her surroundings and wants to leave the abuse. This book is a remarkable example of peace and intimacy that makes me throb. When I finally realize the true significance of the title. It is something mystical and beautiful!!!

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