The Irregulars: thriller, adventure, and drama

I have watched this show during my covid-19 lockdown. I never got tired of that one. The Irregular is a fabulous show. It is full of thrilling adventures, tragic but irresistible!! With prominent characters. A group of teenagers living in a cellar off the streets of Victorian London known as the Irregulars works for John Watson to solve increasingly supernatural crimes while they search for Sherlock Holmes. My favorite Jojo Macari is Billy, the oldest of the Irregulars and is the muscle of the group. He tends to settle things with physical fights. Jessie has recurring nightmares. Beatrice, her older sister and the leader of the group. She was choked by a person wearing a mask. In her dream, she meets the Linen Man, who asks her to help him in finding the source of the bird man's power.

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