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A Leader with Executive Presence; John Trombetta

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A good leader is recognizably confident, knowledgeable, and inspiring. I call that being easy on the mind. A good leader can explain the mission of his organization with clarity and credibility. I call that being easy on the ears. A good leader will speak lovingly of his job, his wife, his dog, his hobbies, and his alma mater. I call that being easy on the heart. A good leader has features which are appealing and approachable. I call that being easy on the eyes. I am a big fan of John Trombetta, since he is the best and most shining example of a good leader on all counts.


What can you tell me about your job?

I am the Executive Director of the Alzheimer’s Project in Tallahassee. As such, I make sure our organization has the expertise, funding, and structure to carry out our mission. Our staff and volunteers provide services across the Big Bend area for people with memory disorders and their caregivers. The biggest reward is the sound of relief in a caregiver’s voice when they talk to someone who respectfully listens and can help them. This job has a direct impact on my community. I would also encourage readers to donate or be a volunteer.

What more would you like to say about the Alzheimer’s Project?

We began in 1992 and continue to expand our services in a nine-county area. We offer numerous support groups and respite services. Counseling, education, and powerful tools are available for caregivers at no cost. Alzheimer’s Project offers resources, events, opportunities for donations and volunteerism. We have a fabulous website with much more information you can read at https://www.alzheimersproject.org/ .

How do you handle the most difficult conversations?

When feelings are rooted in experience it leads to understanding, especially when the context is sitting right in front of me. I lovingly and patiently converse almost daily with those who have Alzheimer’s or Dementia their loved ones. Also, I offer information and education to local citizens and leaders who wish to be of some help. I bridge the chasm of differing beliefs by considering each other’s worldviews and how they were formed. We may respectfully agree to disagree, but never let opinions get in the way of a friendship or a willingness to help in a time of need.

Could you talk about Tallahassee and how you feel about travel?

Here in Tallahassee, there is genuine hospitality, and everyone can soon begin to feel like a local no matter how new they may be. It has a relaxing pace and such incredible beauty in the hills, trees, and moss. One place I am very eager to visit for a second time would have to be Scotland. As far as a place I have not yet visited, I definitely hope to someday visit my grandfather’s birthplace and hometown in Italy.

What activities bring out your deepest passion or enthusiasm?

Golf would be the biggest one. There is no question about how much I love the game and going to different courses, some of which are world class. And, by the way, each year in November there is a golf fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Project. It is called the “Cliff Hinkle Round to Remember”. Other than golf, I enjoy fishing and bird hunting. I am not overly creative but do get that way in a sense when trying to solve problems. I listen to music every day and get an energy from it. Art inspires me by the depth to which it can take me into the subject. Food is a group activity that I sincerely believe is best when shared with good company. Of course, relaxing at home with my wife Beth Anne and our schnauzer Gus is often the best way to recharge.

What is the most fun thing you have ever done?

Big family trips watching nieces and nephews discover new things are remarkably fun and exciting. If you ever let fear prevent you from trying something, just take the time to watch a child who is learning to water or snow ski for the first time. We could take a lesson and should all be that fearless.

What makes you an exuberant person?

I do not know that I am. On the negative side I will get excitable when a referee makes a bad call, or you try to take my dessert away from me. But seriously, on the positive side I am a proud graduate of Valdosta State University where I received my bachelor’s degree in political science and government. I do experience the greatest amounts of joy through time well spent and seeing people at their best.

What is your message to the world?

My full and heartfelt advice is to pick your battles carefully in life because some hills are not big enough to fight for or to die on. Always be willing to go the extra mile in order to help others. Always be willing to ask for and to accept help. Have the courage and the respect to learn new cultures and much grace when practicing your own.

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John Trombetta is the epitome of charm, confidence, and executive presence. Dang y’all, maybe I should start a fan club for him. Well, I certainly hope you enjoyed this article. I ask that you please leave a kind comment for all to see. Thank you.

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