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Broadcaster Melvin Beal Talks About Television And Talent

Angela L. Dowdy

Some people are genuinely good at speaking in person. Others much prefer to speak from behind a microphone or perhaps a computer. Some people are good at being charming, funny, or heartfelt. Others make it their mission to broadcast a clear and direct message. Melvin Beal does all these things and does them all tremendously well. He uses his time and his talents to share stories of hope that could very possibly transform the world.

Could you tell me a little about your job, Melvin?

My job as the General Manager of WVUP is to make sure people in our area can view programs on WVUP-TV. I make decisions about the quality of program content that appears on our channel, which is an affiliate of the Christian Television Network. I have a talent for expanding, enhancing, and exposing God’s kingdom through excellent content.


Would you share a bit about your background?

A proud Tallahassee native, I grew up three blocks from FAMU. I worked in both radio and TV while at FAMU. There I majored in broadcast journalism and proudly graduated from the highly regarded Florida A&M University’s School of Journalism. I worked in Tampa for over 25 years. I have had that rare joy of covering both news and sports. Coming back home really made me understand how deeply I love and appreciate Tallahassee.

What do you enjoy most about Tallahassee?

We have great educational institutions with excellent sports. There are many cultural and historical sites, such as the Museum of Florida History. We have some of the most beautiful gardens and parks in the world. Cascades Park is the newest example. There is also a marvelous diversity among our people. There is a wonderful southern charm and hospitality in Tallahassee. It is a big city with a small town feel and friendliness.

Anything else you wish to share about your hometown?

Yes, as a matter of fact I am extremely grateful for the many opportunities that I get to speak, as a black man, as a broadcast professional, and as a man of God, to our community. Tallahassee does a great job of praying together, working together, and encouraging service and leadership.

What travel destinations stand out to you?

Toronto, Canada, is one that springs to mind. It is interesting and also one of the cleanest cities I ever visited. Of course, I enjoyed many great years in Tampa, Florida and that is certainly a busy city with much to see. The top place that I would love to visit in the future is Alaska. I can’t even imagine how amazing the differences are between Florida and Alaska, can you?

What is the most fun thing you ever did?

Broadcasting college football games as a play-by-play announcer on ESPN was an incredibly fun and exciting opportunity that I will always cherish. It was such a fantastic opportunity to meet a huge assortment of people. And, of course, I loved sharing the microphone with owners, athletes, and sports fans.

What passions and hobbies are important to you?

I enjoy taking brisk daily walks throughout my community. Walking for two miles gives me plenty of time for reflecting on life and gathering my thoughts for the coming day. I spark my creativity through prayer and deep meditation. I have been blessed with talent in both website design and content. I suppose that means that I have a good feel for technology and word play. Food and music both play a big role in my life. I should also mention that my lovely wife Juana does much to bring out the best in me. In all honesty, my deepest passion and greatest joy in life is being a people person.

Do you think you are a great people person?

Absolutely, no doubt, I am! My mom, who was my hero, taught me to always acknowledge and speak to people. Sharing conversation with others means connecting. Connecting leads to gaining knowledge. I believe it is vital to discuss all aspects of an issue with transparency and honesty. That leads to any needed resolutions and better understanding. My biggest strength is meeting people and engaging them in meaningful conversations. Every individual has meaning and value. Every individual also has great life lessons and great stories to share.

What makes you an exuberant person?

My joy is anchored in my solid conviction that there is nothing too hard for God. He is able to do great and mighty works which we simple humans can hardly comprehend. We would do so much better if we could just let go and let God handle our most difficult and stressful situations. God enables me to lead with integrity, have a sense of humor, and thrive on challenges. He has given me a great gift of communication.

Do you have a message to share with the world?

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all of his righteousness.

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Melvin is friendly, funny, and fascinating. He really can spend hours swapping stories with a stranger. Yet, dang y’all, the person walks away feeling like a blessed and deeply moved friend. He has an easy going and charismatic style that makes others comfortable to open up and be authentic as they speak with him.

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