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The difference between you owning possessions and those possessions owning you is huge. When you are in control, they are a beautiful reflection of your past travels and your current hobbies. When many years of accumulated items have taken over your personal space, they gotten out of control and turned your once pleasant surroundings into complete chaos and utter clutter. That is the perfect time to call upon the services of this organized angel.

This angel could shake up the Tallahassee area and have it squeaky clean in an efficiently short time. Her friends call her Angel. She speaks kind words to encourage those who struggle. As is so incredibly often the case, her own past heartaches have anchored her faith in God and deepened her compassion for the pain of others. Her determination and her faith are unshakable. Angel has laid claim to her inner boldness and faces each new day with anticipation and confidence.

Any office or hobby room, any kitchen or closet could undergo a transformation in her capable hands. This early in the new year is the perfect time to cheer up and clean up for a fresh start on so many levels.


Angela Baratta, the Organized Angel

Seeing her in action is nothing short of amazing. She sorts through years of accumulated trash and treasures in record time. With patience and understanding, she helps people declutter and let go of things that are just getting in the way. Things can and do overwhelm us. Thank goodness for organized and efficient individuals such as Angel. They help us help our lives make more sense.

Here are some highlights of our recent interview as this writer got to know so much more about this conqueror of clutter, this entrepreneur who is an efficiency and organizational coach.

Can you share a bit about who you are and what you do?

I am Angel Baratta, I grew up in Fort Lauderdale and have lived in Tallahassee about thirty years. Much of that time was spent working a normal office job. Recently I found the courage to venture out on my own to pursue several entrepreneurial paths which seemed to be calling me. They all relate to using my heart, my art, and my talent for a higher purpose and a more meaningful life.

What more can you say about those pursuits?

My heart had led me to begin working with and advocating for those who have survived trauma. My art has led me to begin a website where I can showcase beautiful stainless-steel jewelry and various forms of my creative expression. My talent is efficiency and organizational skills, I help others get that way and save time and energy for more important things. My training allows me to assist clients with organization and best practices to put their passions to work. This has led me to collaborations and the potential for some future online summits to empower others.

What are the best ways to declutter?

Do it quickly and do not overthink every little item. Start on one side of a room and work around methodically. Make one pile of trash to be thrown away. Make another pile that could be sold or donated. Keep only the items you honestly believe have purpose or value. Arrange those attractively in clear bins and on shelves.


Consider taking items to a local rummage sale.

What do you appreciate most about Tallahassee?

There is so much beauty in nature here. The old live oak trees with that Spanish moss are gorgeous. We really do have some nice hills in this part of Florida. And it is easy to catch a glimpse of deer and other creatures.

What are your thoughts on travel?

Places I have been and would gladly visit again include the state of Washington and the Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota. The top destination on my bucket list is Hawaii. Travel is a thrill of discovery and makes for great memories. I often think back to a fun experience when I was 17. All I will say is that it involved a ski lodge and snow. I am eager to travel again when it is safe, and the time is right.

What hobbies and passions do you enjoy?

Music is a big one because it moves me so much. I listen to mostly Christian, country and western, and 80’s. I am regularly active in ballroom dancing. It makes me feel good, and pretty, is great exercise, and can be done to almost any type of music. My favorite dance types include East coast swing, cha cha, and country two-step. I have one competition under my belt and plan to take private lessons and do more competition once the pandemic is over. I enjoy listening to audio books when I take long walks. I also enjoy doing crochet. The other thing that I love is my rescue dog Charlie, a “Chiweenie Pit” mix who enhances my life.

What makes you an exuberant person?

My morning routine combines things like meditation, visualization, exercise, and journaling to start the day off on a positive note. I remove myself from negativity so that I can do my best and make things better. I have big ideas and big faith, so as long as those things are in God’s will I claim and pursue them. I choose to love myself and be optimistic about the future.

Do you have a message for the world?

You are worthy of shaping your own dreams and your own future. Pray and rely on God. Do not be afraid to ask smart people for help when you need it. Surround yourself with positive people. Believe in yourself and take steps to make life great.


Declutter and arrange items attractively on shelves.

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Did you find Angel Baratta to be as exciting and inspirational as I did? She is so positive and motivational. I may try to get together and collaborate with her at some point to bring out the best in others.

So, thanks for reading. Now please leave some nice comments, then go out and have an awesome day!

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