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An interview with the fabulous GLORIA DARLING! An aging diva is a woman “of a certain age”, but what on earth does that even mean in today’s world? There was a time when it meant that she was past her prime and no longer active or vibrant. She certainly would have lost all interest in laughing, having fun, or having the courage to go out on a date.

Thank goodness for Gloria Darling. She is a Milestone Diva who pours her heart into helping women celebrate their life and find their voice. She seeks to use a little tough love while reminding them that they are still relevant and still deserve to pursue their dreams and passions, at any age. She inspires the older and bolder ladies to be loud and proud!


Could you please tell us a bit about your background?

My birthplace was the Bahamas, and I grew up in Miami, Florida. I have lived in Tallahassee for almost 24 years. I am a black woman in my sassy 60s. I have three sons, one grandson, and two great-grandchildren. I will soon be retiring from my full-time job and be free to focus more attention on “The Cup of Glo”.

What is “The Cup of Glo”?

It is my new project that I started in March (2020), a podcast in which I interview other Milestone Diva ladies over age 50 who are learning to embrace their unique power. That means that they manifest confidence, boldness, enthusiasm, playfulness, and wisdom. They have been able to discover their talents and abilities and are able to share those in wonderful ways.

Taking this podcast idea, developing every nuance and bringing it to life has been such an exciting creative journey. I don’t have enough words to describe my enthusiasm for this labor of love.

Would you explain this idea of Milestone Divas?

This simply means they have reached a new and wonderful age: Feisty 50s, Sassy 60s, Saucy 70s, Exciting 80s, Nifty 90s, or Awesome 100s. We even have a Milestone Diva cheer:

Feisty, Sassy, Saucy are we

Exciting, Nifty and Awesome you see

Every second, minute or hour

Bold, wise, owning our power,

In tees and jeans or a fancy frock

Milestone Divas Rock!

It is obvious that you really love Milestone Divas. I’ve also heard that you dearly love Tallahassee. What do you cherish most about Tallahassee?

The feeling of a kind and caring small town where community and natural beauty are appreciated. We are blessed with so many amazing parks where one can be as active or as relaxed as they choose, while also enjoying the enormous old oak trees, Spanish moss, and countless types of flowering plants.

There are so many opportunities for folks to meet, get to know one another, and develop meaningful friendships. Just look online to find a meet-up group for any number of interests, then jump in and get involved. You merely have to take that first step and connect with like-minded individuals to meet, talk, eat, sing, dance, or whatever matches the desires of your heart.

What travel destinations have you visited or plan to visit?

One of the best road trips of my life was going with a group of belly dance buddies to Asheville, North Carolina. We stayed in cabins and met another group there who were involved in Renaissance fair activities. We enjoyed workshops and shopping and excellent fellowship. It was a much-needed diversion and a perfect sense of release.

An area I love and would definitely visit again is the Pacific Northwest. The towns of Portland and Astoria in Oregon and the town of Seattle, Washington are simply gorgeous and fascinating. There are several places I would eventually like to visit and the one place which is currently at the top of my bucket list would be Spain.

What are some of your passions and hobbies?

Where do I even start? I love music and art. I love food with flair. That could mean using tips I got from some TV cooking show, or just trying to add more color to a simple family meal. For example, start with oxtails and cabbage. Then add peas, carrots, and rice. Heck, throw in some seafood to really make it pop.

I am active in a dance troupe. We do many types of dance including belly dance, hula, tribal, and flamenco. At times when I take a short break from dancing, I will occasionally play the frame drum in a band which accompanies the belly dancers.

For about the past five years I have been active in Toastmasters, an organization that helps people develop public speaking and leadership skills. I have competed and won several contests at their club, area, and district levels.

What makes you an exuberant person?

Life gives me a choice. I can focus on pain and sadness or I can focus on enthusiasm and joy. I have made the choice… I choose ENTHUSIASM and JOY! I am fun, happy, and liberated. I can get tough when I need to help others, but I’m still respectable and authentic. I am a servant leader who is comfortable discussing any topic with any person. I place a high value on honesty and on friendship.

Do you have a message for the world?

Celebrate! Celebrate everything! Celebrate yourself by learning to claim your power at any age. Celebrate the things that you have, such as friendships and hobbies. Celebrate all the beauty that can be seen around you. Celebrate every little moment of fun, freedom, love, and joy. Celebrate LIFE!

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When this writer first met Gloria, I knew I had just made a wonderful new friend. We sat out on the deck of a coffee shop chatting contentedly, until a sudden downpour forced us to finish the conversation in my car. That did nothing to dampen our spirits. We have a shared value of curiosity and communication.

Gloria Darling thrives on serving people. She finds deep joy in helping older women find and use their voice and their power.

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