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Sister Cities of Cleveland (part 3)

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CLEVELAND, OH — Hello Cleveland! Welcome back to the continuation of these Sister Cities of Cleveland part 3 miniseries. We have made the previous two on this topic, please make sure you check them out!

For those new readers and are wondering what a sister city is, sister cities are usually joint agreements between two cities that have similarities in demographics, geographic or landscape wise and politically similar to each other.

Let's jump right in into our very own Cleveland's sister cities part 3!

1. Holon, Israel
avishai teicher/Wikimedia Commons

Located as part of the metropolitan area known as Gush Dan in the Tel Aviv District. With a population of around 180,000, signified by its beauty and modernity, along with its 300 acres of green space, Holon is considered the greenest city in the country.

Holon is also famous for its textile industry, making it one of Israel's largest cities and also a center of various business magnets, such as glass, construction materials, food processing, and many more.

Children's City is one of many Holon's proud taglines, boosting on to become Israel's children and family entertainment epicenter. The city has established itself as a national destination through its annual children’s festivals and holiday parades.

2.Segundo Montes, El Salvador
Alexander Bonilla/Wikimedia Commons

Segundo Montes community, Morazán (also called Comunidad Segundo Montes or Ciudad Segundo Montes) was created in 1990 by refugees who were fleeing El Salvador’s civil war. At that time, the Salvadoran government considered them as the opposition, luckily the United Nations took action and intervened, eventually the government conceded.

A community of 7,900 people, the city WAS named after a Jesuit priest who was murdered, alongside his fellow priest and several housekeepers by the Salvadoran army.

The people of Cleveland were mourning the loss of local churchwomen Dorothy Kazel and Jean Donovan, who had been killed by Salvador National Guard members in 1980. Central American Network, Salvadoran Association of Ohio, Commission on Catholic Community Action and the Community Relations Board of the City of Cleveland put a joint effort and the city of Segundo Montes officially became a Sister City to Cleveland in 1991.

3. Bratislava, Slovakia
Pudelek/Wikimedia Commons

Bratislava is located in the southwestern part of Slovakia and it is the capital city of the country with a population of 425,000 people. It occupies both banks of the River Danube and the left bank of the River Morava.

Bratislava has several universities, museums, theatres, galleries and other vital institutions of education, economy,and culture. The city has maintained connections and is a center to many well-known companies which include AT&T, Volkswagen, IBM, Dell, Lenovo and Accenture.

Cleveland is home to the largest Slovak community in the world, outside of Slovakia, and almost 85,000 Northeast Ohioans can be traced to their roots back there.

4. Ibadan, Nigeria
Babyspagetti1/Wikimedia Commons

As the third most populated city in Nigeria, also the largest in terms of landmass and area, Ibadan is surely worthy of a mention as part of Cleveland's sister cities.

The capital city of Oyo State and home to the pioneers in Nigeria's high education in the University of Ibadan, the first university in the country, and the Polytechnic Ibadan, Nigeria's first and the best technical institute.

Nigeria was the epicenter of the most sophisticated liberal scientific and cultural community on the whole of Africa, prior to the Western dissolution of the continent. The city has many outstanding libraries and is home to Africa’s first television station as well as its first skyscraper, known as Cocoa House.

5. Taipei City, Taiwan
CEphoto, Uwe Aranas/Wikimedia Commons

Taipei, with a population of more than 2,600,000 people, is the largest and the capital city of Taiwan. Taipei City and County together form one metropolis, but they are governed differently. Taipei City is under the executive branch of the Republic of China, while Taipei County is part of Taiwan Province.

Today Taiwan holds one of the world's largest foreign economic exchange reserves ($500 billion+) and its economy is expected to expand continuously. One of the city’s greatest historical spots is the National Palace Museum, which shelters many of China’s cultural treasures including art, ancient manuscripts, porcelain and jewelry.

6. Cleveland, England
Kk70088/Wikimedia Commons

Last, certainly not least, the definition of the twin town of Cleveland, Ohio itself is... Cleveland, England!

Cleveland, England, not only bears the exact same name but also separated thousands of miles away between these two cities. Cleveland was once an established county, now is part of an area in northeastern England. The name itself came from "cliff-land", after its hilly southern areas, which could rise to nearly 1,500 ft.

In the span of 22 years, ended in 1996, most of the Cleveland area was incorporated into a non-metropolitan county, merged from parts of the surrounding areas known as North Riding of Yorkshire and County Durham.

This resulted in the abolishment of the County of Cleveland; however, England’s Cleveland Police and other institutions which covered the area were retained.

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