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What you should know about the current seasonal hydrant flushing

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CLEVELAND, OH — As the Cleveland Fire Department & other local fire departments have been flushing hydrants on an annual basis, the Cleveland Water Department highlights why it is essential and what to expect.

Apart from supplying safe and clean water when and when it is needed, another critical function of the water distribution system provided by the Department is also fire protection.

According to CWD, this is accomplished by using a massive network of fire hydrants supplied by their water mains. Hydrants are spaced approximately 300 feet apart throughout the majority of the streets in their 640-square-mile service region. In total, the CWD’s system supplies about 77,000 fire hydrants.

Local fire departments execute the required task of hydrant flushing to ensure that hydrants operate correctly. This procedure is carried out at least once a year, typically during the spring and summer months.

Flushing hydrants is a critical maintenance task that ensures hydrants operate correctly and that sufficient water flow is available in the case of a fire.

Additionally, flushing removes silt that collects naturally in water pipes. By washing away these impurities, CWD can preserve the high quality of the water they offer to the citizens.

CWD said that when your community’s hydrants are flushed, you may observe yellow, orange, or brown-colored water pouring from your faucet. If this occurs, run your cold water faucet for several minutes or until the water runs clear.

This transitory discoloration does not affect the water’s appearance and poses no health or safety danger. However, you may want to avoid washing laundry at planned flushing periods to avoid staining light-colored garments with discoloration.

If discoloration persists for an extended period or a severe decrease in water pressure occurs following hydrant flushing, please contact the CWD Emergency Line at 216-664-3060.

CWD also stated that while flushing hydrants may appear to be a waste of water, it is critical to everyone’s safety in the event of a fire emergency.

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