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Five top things to do in Akron

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Do you know that there are many ways to have fun in Akron? Well, we have prepared you a list of the five best things to do in Akron. Enjoy!

1. Visiting Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

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This is the first place we’d recommend for you to help you feel full again. Inside, you will find the Manor House, the beautiful gardens, the Corbin Conservatory, the Gate Lodge, and the Carriage House. Did you know that this place was the birthplace of Anonymous Alcoholics? Well, inside, you can learn about their history as you walk on the paths that Bill W. and Dr. Bob, the OGs of the AA, walked on.

Mark M on Trip Advisor wrote: “Don’t forget to experience the “healing spiritual presence” of Bill W. and Dr. Bob at the GATEHOUSE. Gatehouse of the estate tickets are only $6.00 instead of $15.00

for a tour of the manor house. That said, the full $15.00 for both is a bargain! This is truly an “American Great House” on the scale and style of many in the UK. With the marvelous interior furnishings, you needn’t fly across the Atlantic to visit our cousins, you can have the same experience in Akron.”

Location: 714 N Portage Path, Akron, OH 44303-1363

2. Seeing Animals at Akron Zoo

Akron Zoo/TripAdvisor

What’s the best way to re-think and contemplate about your life other than marveling at other forms of life? Inside, you will meet incredible creatures such as the Sumatran tigers, the komodo dragons, the grizzly bears, the list goes on. If that you don’t have the time to do that, they offer virtual animal experiences as well.

“Love the Akron Zoo because it’s small enough to see the whole thing in a reasonable amount of time but large enough to have some really cool exhibits. The Akron Zoo is definitely worth the trip, though I’d avoid field trip hours—if you’re going in the late spring especially, go after 3 pm,” Lizard said on Trip Advisor.

Location: 500 Edgewood Ave, Akron, OH 44307-2199

3. Getting “Cultured” at Akron Art Museum


If visiting a museum does not make you look inside yourself and reflect upon it, I don’t know what will. Besides, most of the time, the only culture we have is the bacteria in our Yoghurt. So, an art museum is definitely worth trying. Since visiting this place won’t hurt and instead makes you feel educated, which will increase your self-esteem and confidence thanks to the knowledge you’ll receive inside, there’s really no harm in doing it.

“Very satisfied with our visit! Nice museum,” Linda wrote her review on Trip Advisor.

“I picked this museum to visit, since I was going to be in Akron for 2 days. I was Not disappointed. This is a very nice, well organized museum. I was expecting a larger museum, BUT my husband and I Always say we learn more from museums like this one, than larger ones.”

Location: One South High, Akron, OH 44308

4. Visiting the Dead while Learning about Their History at the Glendale Cemetery

Richard E/TripAdvisor

Sometimes, for one to feel alive, he must first visit the dead. But lo! For this is not an ordinary cemetery. This is a historic cemetery where you can learn from the dead. Bear with me.

According to photobyjab on Trip Advisor, this place is a “Beautiful historic cemetery, hosts community events in summer, including Dance, Orchestra and Outdoor Movies!” See? I told you this isn’t an ordinary cemetery.
Location: 150 Glendale Ave, Akron, OH 44302-1914

5. Diving into Piles of Books at Akron-Summit County Public Library


Last but not least is the Akron-Summit County Public Library. When you need a quiet place to reflect on life, there’s nothing better than a library, and you get to read, too! And I tell you, this one is huge. James J wrote on Trip Advisor: “Huge collection of books, CD’s, and movies. I love the fact that the library offers Blu Rays. The library even has small kitchen appliances available for checkout (last time I checked).”

PS: There are currently five novels about pigeons in the library. Why don’t you check them out?

Location: 60 S High St, Akron, OH 44326-1000

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