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Top five Asian restaurants around Akron

Angela Kervorkian-Wattle

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Are you tired of those fast-food restaurants that you can find in every corner of the city? There are definitely other places that you may want to take a look at. Asian restaurants, with their rich food culture, have been getting popular nowadays. We have compiled a list of the five best Asian restaurants across Akron for you to try.

1. Manna Korean Cuisine

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On the top of our list is Manna Korean Cuisine. If you like Korean cuisine and home-cooked food, this is the right place for you as you can get the best of both worlds here. According to Purvi S. on Yelp, the food indeed "feels like your getting home-cooked Korean food from your best friend's mom."

Inside, you can sample the true Korean taste from Jabchae to Kimbab. This place is just 10 minutes drive from Akron. We believe, once you go there, you will always want to come back. As said by a local Akron Yelp reviewer: "So glad I found this place near my new house ... Can't wait to go back!"

Address: 2419 State Rd Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223

2. Seoul Garden Korean Restaurant

Korean Squid pancake from Seoul Garden KoreanLarry Y./Yelp

This is the second Korean restaurant on our list. Just the first one, though, this one also stays true to authentic Korean cuisine. Guests are even served by actual cooks from South Korea. Compared to the first one, this place even serves a more comprehensive Korean menu.

According to one elite reviewer on Yelp: "Oh my goodness! I CRAVE THIS PLACE ALL THE FREAKING TIME now that I'm back home. I've tried to recreate it, but I absolutely fail every time. I wish the Korean ladies in the kitchen would send me the recipe."

Address: 2559 State Rd Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223

3. Thai Pattaya Restaurant

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Sawadee! Coming on third of our list is Thai Pattaya Restaurant. Despite the generic name, this one will not disappoint your taste buds. From Tom Yum Gai to Khao Piak Seen, this place serves scrumptious Thai food and other Asian food as well. According to a reviewer on Yelp: "Excellent fusion restaurant for different types of Asian cuisine! In addition to the food options, there are also different types of bubble teas available."

Address: 497 Portage Lake Dr Akron, OH

4. Sushi Asia Gourmet

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As the name implies, inside the restaurant you will find sushi and many variations of them! However, you can also find other Asian delicacies, such as Pad Thai and Szechuan Dried Pepper Chicken. Sushi Asia Gourmet also serves other food besides sushi. This is an amazing place to satisfy your craving for Asian food. According to an Elite Yelp reviewer, "Gluten free joy! This restaurant goes the extra mile and even packaged gluten-free soy sauce for me."

Address: 1375 N Portage Path Akron, OH 44313

5. Jasmine Home Cooking

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If you want to discover the wonders of Asian food, this place is perfect for you as they serve all kinds of Asian food here, from Japanese Udon to Shawarma to Turkish beverages. It's like heaven on earth.

Address: 21 Furnace St The Northside Marketplace Akron, OH 44308

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