8 Smart Kitchen Technologies to Add During Kitchen Remodeling

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A major step in remodeling or renovating a kitchen is planning. While some of these items may not be necessary for everyone, they could be useful in a home that’s already equipped with all the latest gadgets and appliances.

Whether you're upgrading your kitchen or just want to make the most of your space, there's more than one way to integrate smart technologies into your new space. Smart kitchen technology can play an essential role in both commercial and residential kitchen remodeling.

The good news is that as long as you have access to Wi-Fi and cable TV (or even better yet, a streaming platform like Netflix or Amazon), you'll be able to incorporate some kind of smart home tech into your next project! And Amazon is one of the best online platforms where you get authentic products at your doorstep.

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Here are eight ways that smart tech can help out with remodeling projects.

Voice-Activated Faucets

Voice-activated faucets are an excellent way to make controlling the water flow in your kitchen easier. These faucets allow you to turn them on and off, change the temperature, or even request a specific temperature by saying "low" or "high."

They're great for people who have mobility issues or arthritis because they allow them to get in and out of the sink without having to touch anything (and therefore avoid unwanted injuries).

In addition to being convenient, these voice controls also save energy. Instead of manually turning off a valve after using it all day long, with this technology you simply speak commands into your smart speaker device — which then activates that valve automatically when necessary.

Smart Pantries

Smart pantries are refrigerators that allow you to access food and other items from your phone. You can see what's inside the fridge, order more food, and have alerts sent when it's time for you to buy something new.

These smart fridges are a great way to cut down on waste by making sure that there is never too much food in your fridge — and they're also convenient because they make shopping easier!

Motion-Activated Waste Disposal

One of the best technologies to use during your kitchen remodeling project is motion-activated waste disposal. Waste disposal is activated by motion and can be programmed to run at a specific time or when the sink gets full, which is perfect for busy families who don’t have time to pull out the trash every day.

Another great feature of this technology is that it can also be programmed so that it kicks in when there are no other pots or pans on top of the sink (so you won't have a big mess waiting for you).

Charging Drawers for Gadgets

Charging drawers are a great way to keep your gadgets charged up and organized. You can charge them in the drawer, which is a nice place to store other things like your knife block or wine opener. With this technology, you'll also be able to easily find what you need when you need it!

Kitchen remodeling is the finest way to add contemporary technology and equipment to your home. To gain knowledgeable advice and implementation, get in touch with a professional if you plan to do some upgrades in the kitchen or other parts of your home.

Automated Entryways

Automated entryways are a great way to make your kitchen more accessible. You can add automatic door openers and locks, which will help you save time and energy when getting into the house or out of it.

If you have an older home that doesn’t have these features already, don't worry! It's possible to install them yourself with simple tools like screwdrivers and wrenches — or sometimes even with nothing more than your hands.

Soundproof Appliances

Soundproofing your appliances is a great way to block out noise and make the kitchen more relaxing. Soundproofing materials are available in many different styles, so it's important to choose the right one for your needs.

Install soundproofing material in the ceiling with acoustic panels or tiles. These can be used on walls as well, but be sure that they're not too close to windows or doors so you don't have any issues with sunlight shining through them!

Install soundproofing material directly onto countertops and cabinetry by installing resilient foam insulation (RFI), which comes in different thicknesses depending on how much soundproofing you need. RFI is also easy enough for anyone who doesn't know how to do much more than just open their cabinets — and even if they do know how, this step should still only take them about 15 minutes!

Connected Lighting Systems

Lighting is a key part of any kitchen remodeling project, but it’s not just about aesthetics. The right lighting can help you accomplish a variety of tasks and enhance your cooking experience.

Lighting systems that are connected to the internet can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world via an app or website. This means you don't have to worry about turning on or off lights when you're out at work — you can leave them on as long as there's electricity!

If you'd like some flexibility in how bright your lights should be, dimmable bulbs are available for purchase now (and will soon be standard).

Dimmable bulbs work by changing their intensity depending on how much energy they're using. This allows them to save energy while still providing enough brightness for comfortable use during nighttime hours when most people spend time indoors relaxing.

Energy-Efficient Home Technology

Energy-efficient home technology can help you not only reduce your utility bills but also improve the overall comfort of your home.

  • LED lighting - is a popular choice for many homeowners because it uses less energy than traditional lighting and lasts longer.
  • Smart thermostats - are another great feature for homeowners looking to save money on utility bills; these systems automatically turn off lights or appliances when they aren't being used so that you don't waste energy unnecessarily.

Energy-efficient appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers are also great ways to lower your electricity bill while also providing better quality products at lower prices than older models do today!


Smart appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, and dishwashers have become commonplace in today's kitchens, along with innovative items like dish-scrubbie. They're convenient, easy to use, and energy efficient — all while keeping food storage organized so that it's easier for everyone in the house (including kids) to find things quickly!

But, there are other ways that these appliances can benefit homeowners who are upgrading their kitchens as well. Some models include built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users access from anywhere around town.

Others even come equipped with smartphone apps capable of scheduling automated tasks like turning off lights when it gets dark outside, so they don't waste money using electricity unnecessarily during daylight hours only.

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