7 Incredible Video Ideas That Can Help Brands Stand Out

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To grab the desired audience's attention, it is imperative to design social media video content by keeping the demands of the audience for the specific platform in view. Social media is considered the best tool for marketing by a lot of digital marketing professionals.

Many companies invest in social media to get desired outcomes, especially when it comes to branding and promoting their business through these channels.

Each and every social media platform needs a different strategy to attract the right attention from its targeted demographic. Same strategies cannot work for the different platforms, and you'll quickly find that they'll waste a lot of your valuable time.

For instance, take the example of Wikipedia pages. You cannot use the same strategies that you use in the creation of your social media pages. And if you do, you more than likely will not achieve a successful outcome. In the end, you will require the assistance of any credible Wikipedia Page Creation Services if you plan on getting very far.

As of now, you are aware of the importance of making diversified strategies for different platforms and areas while promoting your brand. So, take a look at a few video ideas that you can post on social media to support your brand's promotion.

1. Content Teaser Videos

Teasers are made to excite their viewers. A company can achieve its core goal of grabbing its audience's attention through content teaser videos. Give a sneak peek about your brand through teaser videos, and let your viewers keep guessing what's coming ahead. When they watch an exciting teaser of your brand, they will absolutely become curious about what you're going to launch. And in the best-case scenario, they will start loyally following your brand.

2. Live Q&A Videos

Arrange live Q&A video sessions for your audience. The audience would love it if their favorite brand representatives pay keen attention to them and answer as many questions as possible. It's human nature to want transparency and to feel as if you're well-informed. So, this tactic will definitely go in your favor while you communicate to your targeted audience and potential customers through video chatting.

3. Company Culture Videos

If the audience is following your brand with utmost loyalty, then they will have a real interest in your brand's company culture. So, make exciting videos that showcase your company culture and let your current and potential customers in on your goals and processes.

4. Customer Testimonial Videos

Customer testimonials will assist in your brand's growing credibility with your desired audience base. Some still have a difficult time trusting online reviews. So, try to convince your potential customers to make their own video testimonials where they'll provide honest reviews about your products and services.

5. Product Launch and Announcement Videos

Consider making product launch and announcement videos to entice your desired audience base. Provide a sneak peek about your upcoming product and announce its launch date, along with benefits for your target audience. Make sure to provide creative essence in the video, as it will keep the viewers motivated longer.

6. Feature Explainer Videos

A lot of individuals don't pay attention to the written features of a product. So, in order to make them aware of all the useful features you're offering, you should make feature explainer videos. These videos should cover each and every feature of your product, and they must convince an audience about its significance in their lives.

7. How-To Videos

How-to videos always play their part in grabbing the user's attention. Some products and services may prove to be somewhat difficult to use. However, the proper guidance can help increase customer satisfaction and revenue as well. That's why creating how-to videos can be a simple win-win.


All the above-mentioned video ideas will assist you in gaining the attention of your target audience. However, you need to be very conscious about making decisions about which types of videos are suitable for which platforms.

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