10 Awesome & High-Paying Marketing Careers to Pursue in 2022

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Marketing Careers have been in the limelight in recent years. People across the globe are choosing marketing as a major or specialization to make a career out of it. There are many options to explore in marketing like media management, search engine marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, and others. With marketing, people have the choice to choose a specialization based on their preferences. While some marketing careers like printing are gradually declining, there are many that are gradually seeing the light of the day. A marketing career is one of the most in demand and high paying careers to pursue in 2022.

1. Brand Marketing Manager

The role of brand marketing managers is to maintain the brand identity while aligning different communication channels. As per salary.com, the annual salary for an average Brand Marketing Manager in 2022 is $100,409. Their demand has spiked due to the increase in complexity of handling brands in the present age of digital media.

Brand marketing managers are required to work with varied departments in a company including research, product development, distribution and corporate communication. The professionals are concerned with social media, content, design, and message of the brand. It is one of the upcoming fields and the demand is bound to grow in the coming years. Companies across the globe require brand marketing managers to enhance the perception of the brand in the community, drive revenue for the business, and for expansion and growth.

2. Corporate Communication Manager

The role of corporate communication managers is to devise communication programs for the company and implement them. The underlying objective is to ensure smooth internal and external communication. Corporate communication helps maintain the brand identity while promoting products and services. Society even comes to know about the values, ethics, and culture through corporate communication.

As per salary.com, the average salary of a Corporate Communications Manager is $115,663 annually. It is one of the highest-paid marketing careers in the industry. Corporate communication professionals are adept at fighting crises while managing the reputation of the company. They are responsible for creating good publicity. A good corporate communication manager blends different channels of communication for building robust relations with customers, stakeholders and the media.

3. Demand Generation Manager

The demand for Demand Generation Managers has seen a boost in recent years. The post is concerned with the digital marketing branch. As per glassdoor.co.in the salary for a Demand Generation Manager on average is $100,739 annually in 2022. The field of demand generation is concerned with creating awareness about the products and services of the brand, building customer relations, and driving revenue for the business.

Demand Generation Managers utilize their skills and experience to help brands tap into new markets and succeed. They help advertise the products while working on enhancing customer experience. With the power of their analytical skills and growth strategies, these professionals are making companies get a competitive edge in the industry.

4. Product Marketing Manager

The role of the product marketing manager is to study the products and services of the company. These professionals have the knack to communicate technical details of the products as benefits to the target market. By following the market trends, they help position the products in the market. The analysis of the market helps these professionals develop a robust strategy that helps companies in pricing, product launch and advertising. It is their duty to create compelling messages to help develop a brand identity.

As reported by payscale.com, the average salary for a Product Marketing Manager in 2022 is $94,370 on an average. The spike in demand for product marketing managers and the dearth of experienced professionals in this field has resulted in high packages. Product marketing managers play a challenging role in companies. They devise plans to acquire customers, retain them and tap new ones as well. The role is a highly rewarding one owing to great responsibilities.

5. Email Marketing Manager

Email marketing professionals help companies build a strong marketing strategy. Their role involves creating different email lists, marketing campaigns, and designing various email templates. Email marketing managers are high in demand. As per builtin.com, the annual salary for an Email Marketing Manager in 2022 is $76,734 on average. It is the responsibility of email marketing managers to oversee the campaign and test its success based on different parameters.

The industry of email marketing is growing at a rapid speed. Companies need email marketing professionals to tap into this often free and rewarding medium to attract the attention of the target market. Email marketers develop marketing reports and present them to help companies understand the effectiveness of the campaigns. E-mail marketers are helping companies save costs and increase revenue.

6. Community Manager

In recent years, community management careers have come into the limelight. The role of community managers is to plan social media communication and execute the campaigns. These professionals devise social media strategies to build communities around the product and services that the brand offers. Their role is to create engaging text and video content for different relevant social media channels. They monitor the social media account of the brand, track the developments and respond to the customers.

As per indeed.com, the annual salary of community managers in 2022 is $53,302. Earlier community managers were just an average post in the organizational hierarchy. However, recently with the hype around social media, they have become the face of the companies. They are involved with different departments including public relations, content creation, social media, event management and others. As the reputation of the company is in the hands of these professionals, their demand and repute have increased in recent years.

7. Social Media Marketing Managers

Social media marketing managers are very much in demand these days. Their role is to use social media marketing tools for creating and maintaining the image of the company. They work with marketing professionals for developing social media marketing campaigns. It is their responsibility to interact with customers and the community at large, communicating the culture of the company. These professionals handle the social media accounts of the company.

As per payscale.com, the salary for a Social Media Marketing Manager annually is $56,882 in 2022. With the increase in the number of social media channels, social media marketing has become a major part of digital marketing. Their role comprises analyzing social media trends, building brand awareness and creating engaging social media content.

8. SEO Managers

The main role of SEO or Search Engine Specialists is to help companies convert visitors to the website into customers. These professionals devise online strategies that help companies understand the target market and convert them into loyal customers. The ultimate objective of SEO strategies is to boost the search engine rankings of the website.

As per Indeed.com, the annual salary for an SEO Specialist is $55,968 in 2022. SEO Managers manage the website content of the company. They help in content optimization, negotiate backlinks, monitor user analysis, organize campaigns and build an online community for the brand. They work with the marketing team and web development team in an organization. Earlier, this was one of the roles of marketing managers. However, with the target market shifting to the internet, this has become a separate post altogether.

9. Marketing Data Analyst

Marketing data analysts are responsible for data collection and data analysis primarily. They even analyze sales funnels, competitive research, reporting as well as visualization. The professionals provide recommendations to companies for their marketing campaigns as well. As per salary.com, the annual salary for a Data Analyst is $77,742 in 2022. There is a steep rise in the demand for such professionals owing to the increase in the availability of online data.

While it is easy to collect data from different sources, companies still find it difficult to analyze data and store it for future purposes. Marketing Data analysts make use of different tools to predict the trends in the business. They possess problem-solving skills that help companies get an edge in the market. The field is growing at a high speed and will rise as one of the biggest branches of marketing.

10. Content Creation

Content creation is required for both online and offline channels. Companies are seeking professional content creators who can develop specialized content for different social media channels. As per salary.com, the annual salary of content creators is $40,064 in 2022. Their role has become quite important in this digital age. They help companies inform the target market, spread awareness, and even entertain to spike their interest. Their high demand and dearth in the industry have led to a boost in their pay packages.

Why Choose a Career in Marketing in 2022?

2022 has brought with it many interesting careers. There has been a change in the way people work in the present era. Remote working has become a possibility and opportunity with the advanced use of technology. Here are some reasons why a marketing career has become one of the most in-demand in 2022.


A marketing career offers the flexibility to switch the area and fields based on the interest of the candidate and experience. Further, it even offers the flexibility to work from any place the candidate prefers. People can even choose to work part-time or full-time or for a specific number of hours.

Earning Potential

Marketing professionals are high in demand in the present age. They command a respected position in the organizations. The content above mentions the salary range of different marketing careers. The higher the experience, the better the salary prospects for a marketing professional.

Industry-Wide Requirement

Marketing is one such field that is common to all companies and industries. Marketing, advertising and promotion are crucial for brands as it aids in profits.

The Last Word

Marketing roles that are going to be in high demand in 2022 are those that take brands to a whole new level. As marketing has become broader to include evolving trends, marketers armed with new-age skills will be the most sought-after.

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