A New Methodology, Coined By Nurse Turned Interior Designer, Breaks Down The Correlation Between Body and Space

Angel N. Livas

Design DisruptedDawn Scott Stafford

Interior design and fashion have maintained a long standing relationship that essentially boils down to “the body.” Registered Nurse turned interior designer, Dawn Scott Stafford breaks down this parallel even further, using simplistic language and visual concepts in her new book “Design Disrupted.”

A modern-day change agent, Stafford captures her readers’ attention and opens their minds to an intrinsic correlation between the human body and functional space. Design Disrupted deconstructs the interior design process to help others understand the symbolism between body and space.

“The dualities of Body and Space are endless,” says Stafford. “If we compare how we dissect and adorn our bodies to how we examine and decorate our space, we’ll see that they’re more than associated. They’re synonymous.”

As we approach the most festive time of year, design enthusiasts and amateur designers alike aspire to create beautiful spaces in celebration of the holiday season. Stafford is excited to share how one can take the very concepts used to style ones-self, to decorate their most intimate space...their homes. Whether you’re setting an elegant table for 12 or designing a luxurious living space - Stafford has the ability to teach us, regardless of our design abilities, how to translate our most intimate spaces into beautiful reflections of ourselves.

Dawn is available to speak about the following topics:

1. Understanding the correlation between body and space to create your design scheme.

2. Luxury versus Chic Cheap takes a hones eye. Three ways to activate a space with luxury designs on a budget.

3. Steps to retro-styling your home for the holidays.

On Friday, December 10th, a soft launch of “Design Disrupted” will take place at Sophie Blake New York in the Mosaic District of Fairfax, Virginia. Media is welcome from 6PM-8PM. To learn more about Design Disrupted and to register for the event, please visit: https://thedesigndisrupted.com or to learn more about Stafford’s interior design firm, Remain and remind, visit: https://remainandremind.com. For media inquiries contact: Angel Livas at angel@dcmediaconnection.com


About Design Disrupted

Design Disrupted is a hardcover coffee table book created to help everyday men and women overcome design barriers that are spearheaded by intimidation of interior design in a traditional sense. This book simplistically breaks down the intrinsic correlation between the human body and functional space and shows the reader that we all have a designer inside of each of us.

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