Man spent the day of his 5th wedding anniversary with his wife instead of dealing with family emergency

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A man and his wife are approaching their 5th wedding anniversary. To celebrate the special occasion, he made some special plans for the day. A day before the anniversary, his parents called him with an emergency, they had to go out of town to visit a sick relative. So instead of spending the day with his wife on their anniversary, they wanted him to babysit his nine-year-old sister instead. (source)

His parents' request was made just a day before his anniversary. He "politely declined" his parents' request, given that it was such short notice and he had already made all his plans. His parents did not respond to his refusing to babysit for them. (source)

He wrote.

"We had planned to go to a nice restaurant, then ride in a hot air balloon and then go to a lake and relax." (source)
"The next day, we're at the restaurant when my phone starts buzzing like crazy, I check it and it's filled with texts from my mom and dad. They're calling me all sorts of things and saying that they showed up at my house, only for it to be empty. They're now ignoring me when I write to them and I haven't gotten an answer." (source)

A family friend ended up babysitting his sister. One day, he stopped by to thank them for the "nice gesture" and she ended up telling him that his parents were "bad-mouthing" him and his wife. (source)

"She told me they were berating me for 'being a bad son' and that 'my wife probably convinced me to stay away from an important situation.' I intend to speak to them about this once they come back, I don't want to intrude when my aunt has leukemia." (source)

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