A man didn't take his girlfriend to his boss's wedding because of the way she was dressed

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We live in modern times. Women have the right to do whatever they want, including how to dress. But, where do you compromise and give a little?

A man was put in an unfair situation by his girlfriend. He took his story to the internet. His girlfriend loves dressing up and wearing short dresses which he has no problem with. His boss and his wife are the total opposite of his girlfriend. They are extremely conservative people. (source)

He was invited to his boss's wedding and she would be his plus one. However, knowing the kind of people they are, he warned her about the dress code. She said she was fine with it. (source)

"In the invitation, they asked for all men to wear black suits and the women to wear a long dress with long sleeves and no dramatic makeup," he said. "I talked about it with my girlfriend saying that it is ok if she doesn't come but as it is my boss I must go." (source)

He thought everything was settled, so he was quite shocked when he went to pick her up on the day of the wedding. Her outfit was nothing close to the wedding dress code.

"When I went to pick her up she was wearing the exact opposite of the dress code," he said. "She wore a short dress and dramatic makeup. Whilst she looked gorgeous—I told her so—I asked what happened to the other dress she was going to wear." (source)

He asked her to change and honour the bride's wishes and not disrespect her on her wedding day. She refused, saying it was "unreasonable and misogynistic to dictate what women should wear." She got quite upset and said she would not go to "a misogynist's wedding". So he drove off and went to the wedding without her. She hasn't spoken to him. (source)

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