Top 10 Beginner Skate Tricks

Andrew Tiansay

If you ask most people what skateboarding is they will say something along the lines of "Oh, its where they do those crazy tricks on a woodboard with four wheels", and they wouldnt be wrong. In an essence that is what skateboarding is, doing tricks on a woodboard with four wheels. However, skateboarding is so much more than just doing tricks, it is the friends you make, the grit and perserverence you learn and so much more. You will not really discover what skateboarding is all about until you try out the sport.

Getting into skateboarding can be tough, even trying to find what type of skateboard to buy is a whole jounrey on its own. However, I already have a previous article on how to setup/build a skateboard. In this article I will be going over the top 10 beginner skate tricks you can learn. There are thousands of different skateboarding tricks out there, with new ones being invented everyday. But these are the top 10 skatetricks every beginner should learn.

1. The Ollie

The ollie is the foundation of every other skatetrick out there. Once you learn this you can learn just about anything on a skateboard. Getting the motion down of an ollie is like stepping into a new world. At first it seems very hard to program your body to preform an ollie. It is the repitition of trying the one trick that teaches you how to an ollie.

2. Frontside 180

Frontside 180s are a superfun trick to learn. Frontside 180s are where your body turns to its frontside (where your chest is facing forward while doing the motion) Frontside 180s are a fundameal you need to learn to unlock so many other tricks. One main thing to remeber while learning frontside 180s is to swing your shoulders and your body will follow. Even I sometimes have trouble remembring that simple tip, but trust me it will help a lot.

3. Pop Shuv-it

Some may say that Pop Shuv-its or "Pop Shuvs" for short are easier than an ollie. Which may be true for some but for others ollies are. Personally I learned an ollie before I learned how to Pop shuv so that is why it is third on this list. Pop Shuvs are pretty self explainitory, you "Pop" and you "Shuv" which makes the board do a 180 under your body. The thing about Pop Shuvs is that the board does a 180 but your body says in the same positon.

4. Kickflip

Kickflips are my favorite trick. Kickflips are where you Pop the board like an ollie, then with your front foot, flick outward with your toes to make the board do a 360 rotation under your feet. It kind of like "crack, snapple pop" but "Pop, jump, flick" Once you can kickflip you will most likely gain the respect of the locals at your skatepark. And if you are ever in a situation where you are just minding your own business skating on the side of the road, and you hear a car drive by and someone yells "do a kickflip" you will infact beable to do a kickflip.

5. Backside 180

Backside 180s are the brother to frontside 180s. Backside 180s are when your back is lead toward the front as you are jumping and doing a one 180. There is an ongoing joke throughout the skateboarding comminity that most people can not backside 180. Once you try to learn backside 180s you will know what they are talking about. It feels pretty weird to be jumping backward and not being able to see where you are going. So I recommend learning these and having them on lock before trying to learn any other skate tricks. Just so you won't have trouble in the future like so many of us do.

6. Heelflip

Heelflips are the brother to kickflips. With kickflips you use your toe to flick the board and make it do a 360 rotation. However, with heelflips you are using your heel to make the boardflip. Some say heelflips are easier than kickflips, and some say kickflips are easier than heelflips. It is all preference, but I definatly recommend learning heelflips. They are a superfun trick to do, and to use in a game of S.K.A.T.E.

7. Frontside Shuv-it

Frontside Shuvs are once again, the brother to the shuv. The only differece is that the board is shoving forward instead of backward. The main trick to this trick is to have a good foot postion and to scoop, super duper hard. Most skaters can land this trick, but if you have a really clean front shuv you will defintialy gain browie points with some of the locals at your park. Also they are a fun, good looking trick to do.

8. Fakie Ollie

Fakie is where you are rolling backward on a skateboard. Might seem hard, but it is easier than you think. Fakie Ollies are ollies, but where you are rolling backward. At first it will take a little pratice to get the hang of. But once you learn them it will be smooth sailing from then on. Fakie ollies are a fun trick to do in a game of S.K.A.T.E.

9. Fakie Shuv-it

Fakie shuvs exactly what you think they are. A shuv-it but while you are rolling backward. They honestly are not that hard of a trick to learn once you are comfortable riding fakie. Just make sure you have your normal shuvs on lock before trying to learn this trick.

10. Fakie Kickflip

Now this trick by no means is easy. But once you have learn all previous 9 trick this should be something accomplishable. Fakie Kickflips are a kickflip but where you are rolling backward. The trick to these is keeping your shoulders straight and staying over the board. If you are having trouble with this trick maybe try something else fakie. But the satisfacion you will get from learning this trick is definatly worth it. And I can almost gaurnetee you that if you do a fakie kickflip in a game of S.K.A.T.E you will be getting at least one person a letter!

So what are you waiting for? Get out there on your skateboard and go learn some tricks. If you are having any trouble with any of the tricks feel free to DM me on Instagram @Help.Andrew, or simply lookup on YouTube a tutorial on the certian trick. Trust me, there are thousands of tuotirals on all beginner tricks. Just remember, you are going to fall, but get back up. Even if it hurts.

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