How I reached 1 Million followers on Tiktok

Andrew Tiansay

TikTok is arguably the most popular app on the market right now. With the explosion of Tiktok in 2019 it seems like everyone and their mother has the app. One of the biggest contributing factors of the apps explosion in popularity is the apps features to get famous. If you ask most people in America if they would like to be famous they most likely would say yes.

Who wouldn't want to live the lavish life of these Hollywood superstars? TikTok gives people who could not normally gain a following a chance. On TikTok it seems like there is a community for everything. Now you might be saying, "On Youtube there is also a community for everything". You would be correct, however, TikTok's unique algorithm learns what you like quickly and caters to you. Unlike Youtube, TikTok’s recommended page, or "For You" page is almost always something you would like to watch.

This advanced algorithm works both ways, to show you cool videos, and to show your cool videos. On YouTube there is a one and a million chance for your video to hit the "Recommended page", but on TikTik most everyone has had at least one video hit TikTok’s "For You" Page.

In 2019 I downloaded the app as a joke. I still thought it was pretty cringe because it had just recently become TikTok, if you do not remember before it was called TikTok it was called Musically. I remember right around May when I was getting out of school me and my friends made a silly video. Literally just us walking and "dabbing", but for some reason this got over 25k views. At the time I thought that was insane. 25,000 people had just seen my friends and me.

When I saw that I could gain a following for just being myself, I wanted to pursue doing this. However, the video I made had two other friends in it and it was kind of like a joint account. So I wanted everyone to be included. They posted on it a few times but did not really care for it. One day, I posted a video about the tv show Stranger Things, and boy o boy did this change my life.

This was my first "viral video" after the previous one we posted. It quickly gained over 200k views and over 18k likes. At this moment I was like woah! That's a lot of people. So I texted my friends and asked, if I could change the username. The username was called "Posersss", because it was all of our account. I asked if I could change the username just for the time being because we all couldn't really see each other because it was summer. They said sure. So I changed my username to the infamous "Andrewcantskate"

At this point in time I have over 1.1 Million followers under the username "andrewcantskate". But it was not as easy as snapping the fingers and getting that many people following you. After I got my first "viral" video I started to post everyday. In the beginning I had no idea what I was doing. Posting random videos just trying to copy trends. During this time I had been skating for over a year so I was like "lets try to post a skate video". So I posted one... and it did not do that good. Don't get me wrong it did better than most of the weird videos I was making, but it did not explode in popularity like my others had.

I kept posting everyday, slowly gaining a following and having fun while doing it. Then one day, I was out surfing and the water was just way too cold not to have a wetsuit. So while my friends were out having fun I ran to the car and cranked the heater on. I had nothing to do so I was like "I went skating yesterday, lets post a video from yesterday." Right as I hit post it starting clocking in the views. It quickly grew to over 100k views in less than a day. I was so happy, then I woke up the next day and it was at 2.1 MILLION views.

This was insane to me, what did I do differently that made this video go so viral? I quickly realized that on tiktok, not many people know how hard it is to do a certain skate trick, they just want it to be high quality and good lighting. Once I figured this out it was smooth sailing from there. I began to post everyday a different video with good lighting and good quality.

I continued to keep the momentum going an by the end of 2019 I had over 100,000 followers. So if I were to give any tips to growing on TikTok it would be.. Making sure to post everyday. If you start to gain a following then take a week, month or even longer off. People start to forget about you. If you are not in front of their face you will drift from their mind. So make sure to try to post at least once a day.

The next tip I would give is to make sure it is good quality and decently lighting. One TikTok most people's attention span is pretty low. The app programs you to be like that. The longest video you can have on the app is 60 seconds which is a pretty short time. So you want to keep people engaged in what they are watching. If they are not engaged they will not like, comment or even watch the full video through.

One more key is to find your niche and go with it. Mine is skating. For you it might be baseball, cooking or even singing. If everyone is doing the same thing people will not watch. So find your niche, make sure it is good quality videos and try to post everyday. That is how I have done it, and so far I have gained over 30 million likes and 1.1 Million followers. If you have any other questions feel free to DM me on Instagram @Help.Andrew!

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My name is Andrew Tiansay, I am 17 years old. I love Jesus, to skate, and to surf. I also use to be a professional chess player and play guitar and piano.

Orlando, FL

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