Golden State of Mind | Sunol, Little Yosemite | DJI FPV

I thought today would have just been another hike. I was here recently with my Canon R6 flying my DJI FPV drone, on what felt like the last week of winter. I didn't make it to my vantage point, the rock I wanted to take off from. And I was still determined to get there. I was hardly expecting today to be so, profound. I remember in college, my world economics professor said that the ancient Greeks predicted Northern California would be one of the most ideal places to live. Due to the way longitude and latitude affect our climate if I travel around the world to visit a Mediterranean climate in the spring, what would I find? It was an amazing sight to see. Tucked behind the hills and the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley, I imagined myself as one of the first Native Americans traveling here and discovering this place for the first time. Green pastures stretching for miles. I was always chasing the feeling of traveling the world. And on that day, I finally understood.

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