[WATCH] The EASY way to shoot MILKY WAY with only a camera and tripod!

Things you'll need. Camera - preferably Full-Frame to absorb more light. Lens - that's good for Astrophotography, preferably a wide-angle lens with fast aperture. A Wide-angle is nice so you can capture more of the night sky and some foreground to give your picture more depth. And a fast aperture to be able to absorb more light. Because the milky way is very far away. Tripod - we're going to be lowering our shutter all the way to 25", 30" so we need our camera to be steady. It'll be cool if your camera has this little hook, that way you can tilt your camera sideways and get more of the foreground. App - I use Night Sky - wait till it gets dark and check it out. Flashlight - because it's going to be very dark. Just don't turn them on when your time-lapse is going. We need a good location and timing. Google when you can see the Milky Way in your area. Try to find a very dark place with no light pollution. You'll want to shoot in RAW because you'll be doing post-coloring.

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