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Piedmont Healthcare answers regarding COVID-19 vaccination

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ATLANTA, GA - Kinzi Shewmake, M.D., a Piedmont family medicine physician, shared about COVID-19 vaccination's concerns that has been going around.

Some people have been asking whether is it okay for them to stop wearing mask and stop doing social distancing if they've been vaccinated. They also wonder, will they can still spread the virus to others after the full vaccination.

According to Shewmake, people still need to wear mask and practice social distancing even after they're being vaccinated. However, the studies about whether you will spread the virus after vaccination or not have not come out yet.

Even after getting your shot, there are still slight possibility on catching COVID-19. She says, “The vaccine isn’t 100% effective, and with the new strains coming out, we’re finding that certain vaccines offer more protection from the new strains than others.”, but the chance will be less compared to when you're not getting vaccinated.

If you and your loved ones have been vaccinated, it is okay if you don't want to wear mask around them. However, it's better to follow the health protocols if you're meeting with people from outside of your household circle unless you know about those people safety precautions. Things are also different if you're meeting with high-risk people, such as grandparents or people with certain health condition, mask and social distancing is a must.

Since human is a social being, companionship is needed. Shewmake said that it is important to balance your health mentally and physically. Reducing the risk as much as you want is possible but it can risk your mental health due to the lack of social interaction. It can also cause depression and anxiety.

In order for this life to get back to normal is through herd immunity first. Shewmake stated, “Also, we have to continue to make advances in the treatment of COVID-19. Because even if we reach herd immunity, people are still going to contract the virus. We want them to survive it.”

Vaccination is the most secure method of achieving herd immunity. However, if enough people do not obtain the vaccine, the virus will continue to spread, making it more difficult to return to “normal” life.

It is recommended for you to get vaccinated if you are able to. In the meantime, health protocols like wearing mask, social distancing, and washing hands regularly need to be continued as your safety precautions.

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