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ATLANTA, GA — Most people probably only focus on flashy birds like eagles, owls, or hawks when they think about carnivorous birds. They don’t realize that other than those kinds of birds, there are many other bird species that are also meat-eaters. But don’t worry, Zoo Atlanta provides you the opportunity to meet them.

In the Bird Department, other than the carnivorous birds you may know, Zoo Atlanta also has other species of carnivorous birds, including hamerkop and sunbitterns. Hamerkop is a bird species that has a giant nest in the middle of the aviary and sunbitterns is a bird species that has a second set of ‘eyes’ when it opens its wings.

Not only hamerkop and sunbitterns at Zoo Atlanta you can also find other carnivorous bird species that eat a lot of insects, small vertebrates, and eggs, including green woodhoopoes, guira cuckoos, and racket-tailed roller.

There are also tawny frogmouths that love to camouflage themselves against the tree while waiting for their prey, mostly insects and occasionally small vertebrates, and laughing kookaburra, a bird species that eats large insects, small mammals, and snakes, that can be very loud.

Down the path from those bird species, you can also find the white stork girls, the opportunistic carnivores that are most likely to grab anything that comes across. However, they mostly feed on small mammals, large insects, and reptiles.

Lastly, people probably also don’t know that some bird species are also omnivores. At Zoo Atlanta, the omnivores bird species you can see are including the Chilean flamingos, the ones you can see when you walk in the front gate of Zoo Atlanta, dikkops, the masked lapwings, and kori bustard girls.

If you are still curious about these birds you can check out the Zoo Atlanta website or directly visit its location at 800 Cherokee Avenue SE, Atlanta.

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