Scientists Discover 4,500-Year-Old Hidden Corridor in Great Pyramid of Giza

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Cosmic rays "from ancient Gods" have shown a new corridor in the Great Pyramid of GizaPhoto byMinistry of Tourism and Antiquities

According to new study, cosmic rays and pictures from an endoscope have shown a "secret" tunnel inside the Great Pyramid of Giza's north face, above the pyramid's old entrance.

The Great Pyramid was built on the Giza plateau on the instructions of Pharaoh Khufu (ruled about 2551 B.C. to 2528 B.C.) and is approximately 456 feet (139 metres) tall today. It is the last surviving wonder of the ancient world and was the highest building on Earth until 1311, when England's Lincoln Cathedral completed its 525-foot-tall (160-meter) central tower.

According to a new study, immediately above the old entrance to the pyramid, there is likely a horizontal chamber 30 feet (9 m) long and 6.6 feet by 6.6 feet (2 by 2 m) wide and tall. According to the study published Thursday (March 2) in the journal Nature Communications, it is hidden beneath a chevron-shaped structure visible outside the pyramid.

On Feb. 24, the scientists stated in a statement that they placed an endoscope into the tunnel to gaze inside to learn more about the void. But, according to Live Science, the team has yet to discover any items inside the passageway.

This passage was discovered by scientists while examining muon scans of the 4,500-year-old Great Pyramid. Muons are positively charged elementary particles formed when cosmic rays hit with atoms in the Earth's atmosphere. These high-energy particles are constantly raining down on Earth, yet they interact with stone differently than they do with air. Scientists have been searching for hidden rooms in the Great Pyramid with muon detectors for the past decade.

The scientists said in their statement that ground-penetrating radar was also utilized to acquire information on the passageway.

For many years, scientists have suspected that something was hidden below the pyramid's north face. They reported the finding of a "void" behind the Great Pyramid's north face in 2016, but it wasn't until recently that this 30-foot-long tunnel was revealed.

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