CIA method on how to get rid of pain in minutes

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Numerous declassified papers that have come to light indicate relatively simple yet interesting strategies for improving one's mental and physical state in minutes.

The 90-page report details how CIA medical personnel knowingly participated in torture. An unnamed CIA Medical Services chief's "Summary and Reflections" documents the decision-making process that led to health specialists signing off on and engaging in torture-inducing interrogation and detention practices.

The document sets off a chain reaction of self-justification and risk reduction for detainees.

The "55515" method of pain relief is the most intriguing element of the paper. To perform this technique, you must first rid your mind of all ideas and merely concentrate on the location where you are experiencing discomfort. To be clear, this is a psychological effect designed to negate any pain, hence it works against any type of pain.

Shut your eyes and imagine the body, paying special attention to the painful location. If you're completely concentrated, keep repeating the number 55515 until you experience pain alleviation.

The method actually stems from the Monroe Institute's Gateway program, the 'medicative program that the CIA used in their studies in Project Stargate'. Pain is merely a physiological perception; it is a signal from the brain to let you know that something is wrong with your body; however, any attention you can make your brain ignore any effects or, better put, deficiencies within the body that may be causing pain.

According to numerous unofficial sources, this strategy has primarily been utilized by CIA agents to resist enemy torture.

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