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Malcolm X's daughter announces plans to sue NYPD, FBI and CIA over dad's assassination

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On the 58th anniversary of her father's killing, Malcolm X's daughter announced plans to sue the CIA, FBI, and NYPD for allegedly hiding information linked to the murder.

Ilyasah Shabazz filed notifications of intent to sue federal and state entities for $100 million in damages "for the alleged assassination and fraudulent concealing of evidence surrounding Malcolm X's murder," according to her lawyer, Ben Crump.

"For years, our family has struggled for the truth about his murder to come to light," Shabazz said at a press conference alongside her attorneys on Tuesday.

Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925, was a prominent civil rights activist, Muslim minister, and powerful orator who played a significant role in the American Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 60s. He was a vocal advocate for the rights of African Americans, particularly Black Muslims, who he believed should be proud of their heritage and reject the "white man's" culture and religion.

Growing up in a family that experienced racism and violence at the hands of white supremacists, Malcolm X became disillusioned with the idea of racial integration and the nonviolent tactics of leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. He joined the Nation of Islam in 1948, a religious movement that promoted Black nationalism and separation from white society. Malcolm X became one of its most influential leaders, advocating for Black self-determination and criticizing the integrationist approach of other civil rights leaders.

Sadly, Malcolm X's life was cut short when he was assassinated on February 21, 1965, at the age of 39. His legacy, however, continues to inspire and influence people worldwide. He remains a symbol of Black resistance, pride, and empowerment, and his speeches and writings continue to be studied and celebrated for their powerful message of justice and equality.

Following a new investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, two falsely convicted individuals in the assassination and spent decades in prison were acquitted in 2021.

Crump claimed that government agencies possessed and concealed evidence that would have cleared the individuals who have subsequently been exonerated.

"It's not only about the trigger men; it's about those who collaborated with the trigger men to carry out this heinous act," Crump told reporters.

The notices of claims allege that the city and the feds "conspired with each other and with other individuals and acted, and failed to act, in such a way as to bring about the unlawful death of Malcolm X."

Local and federal officials "fraudulently withheld direct evidence and exculpatory proof showing they conspired to and carried out their plan to assassinate Malcolm X," according to the papers.

According to the legal documents, "Malcolm X was robbed of his life and freedom," and Shabazz "was robbed of her father" due to the law enforcement agencies egregious carelessness.

Crump plans to take depositions from government officials as part of the proposed litigation.

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