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Man Finds Unpublished JFK Photos From Assassination in a CD Case He Bought From the Thrift Store

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Cd Case where the original photo was foundPhoto byHistory of Yesterday

In Texas, a guy is trying to figure out how a 60-year-old unpublished photograph of President John F. Kennedy ended up in a thrift store.

George Rebeles picked up a Bachman-Turner Overdrive CD at the Souls Harbor Goodwill Store in Ferris, Texas, about 20 miles southeast of Dallas. About a month later, he opened the case and discovered an original black-and-white Polaroid photograph of President John F. Kennedy's motorcade in Dallas, with the date 11-22-63 written on the back. John F. Kennedy was assassinated on that day.

George Rebeles reported that he purchased Bachman Turner Overdrive's The Anthology on CD while visiting Ferris' Souls Harbor Goodwill Shop.

Rebels claim he didn't open the CD case until approximately a month after buying it, when he discovered a thing inside that proved out to be a Polaroid photograph.

Photo that was found inside the Cd CasePhoto byHistory of Yesterday

JFK was riding in his motorcade in Dallas when this shot was taken. The date "11-22-63," inscribed on the reverse of the photograph, was the day of Kennedy's assassination.

The shot appears to have been taken as the procession departed Love Field, which is relatively far from the site of the death, according to Farris Rookstool III, a former FBI analyst, and Kennedy historian.

Under President Joe Biden's executive order, the National Archives and Records Administration disclosed almost 13,000 papers relating to the Kennedy assassination in December 2022. According to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, 97% of the Kennedy collection is now open to the public.

The rest is presumed to be still classified by the CIA or lost, just like the photo in this case.

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