Giant Metal Orb Washes Up on the Shores of Japan, What Could Be Inside It Is Even More Interesting

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The bomb disposal squad carefully approaching the orbPhoto byTwitter

Bomb disposal teams were dispatched to investigate a massive metal sphere of unknown origin discovered washed up on a Japanese beach.

After a strange 1.5m diameter ball was discovered on the shore by a local woman on Tuesday, authorities reacted promptly to cut off access to Enshuhama Beach in the city of Hamamatsu.

Early suspicions that it was an explosive mine were dispelled after an X-ray proved it to be hollow, but the existence of the massive ball perplexed experts.

According to one local who runs on the beach on a regular basis, national broadcaster NHK: “It’s been there for a month. I tried to push it, but it wouldn’t budge.”

The discovery of this mysterious object is quite bizarre, yet it has attracted a lot of attention on various social media platforms.

The finding sparked a rush of odd – and hilarious – explanations for the ball's origins on Twitter, including an ancient submarine mine, Miley Cyrus' renowned wrecking ball, Harry Kane's failed penalty against France, and a Godzilla egg.

However, one commentator pointed to the little handle at the top, implying that it is a steel mooring buoy that has worked itself loose in the sea.

"It's a steel mooring buoy," he explained. They are carefully constructed for the most economical mooring of yachts while safeguarding shorelines, natural ecosystems, and other boats by providing an alternate anchoring site for all types of vessels to those cruising or stationed."

Some people speculate that this mysterious object has something to do with the events between US and China over the "Spy ballon".

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