Here's Where Elon Musk's Tesla Is After 5 Years in Space

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How far can Elon Musk's Tesla make it in Space?Photo byWhereIsRoadster

It’s been five years since SpaceX launched its powerful Falcon Heavy rocket for its first mission. On February 6, 2018, Elon Musk's personal Tesla Roadster was launched into space. It is still for sale.

A lot has happened since then. Musk's Twitter page. There has been a significant amount of Starship development. Numerous Falcon 9 launches have occurred. More Falcon Heavy launches are planned. Throughout, the crimson car and a mannequin named Starman have been in orbit around the sun. Where exactly is it now? There's a good website that can show you how.

Since 2018, has been tracking the car's journey across space. Ben Pearson, the Roadster's creator, announced that the car would "cross the orbit of Mars for the fourth time since it launched" as it celebrated its fifth anniversary in space. The automobile takes around 557 days to orbit the sun. According to Pearson's analysis, Tesla has exceeded its 36,000-mile guarantee 70,050 times.

Researchers had already calculated that the chances of a car crashing with Earth in a million years were about 6%. The Roadster will likewise come within a few hundred thousand miles (a few hundred thousand kilometers) of Earth in 2091 when it will pass within a few hundred thousand miles (a few hundred thousand kilometers) of the planet where it was formed.

Because space is a hostile environment, the roadster and its pilot are probably bruised at this point. What will become of it in the end? It may be doomed to wander the solar system, or humans may one day find it and place it in a museum. Is anyone looking for a lightly used, well-traveled electric vehicle?

A dedicated website, Where Is Roadster, has been set up to track the car's progress, and as of this writing, on the afternoon of 7 February, it's 203,276,831 miles away from Earth and coming toward us at a speed of 6,646 miles per hour.

According to the website, the vehicle has traveled around the world 63.2 times in the last five years, earning a fuel economy of 20,021.7 miles per gallon along the way.

The Tesla is occupied by Starman, a mannequin who could have listened to David Bowie's 'Space Oddity' 496,328 times in one ear while listening to 'Is There Life On Mars?' 668,781 times in the other, according to the site.

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