After losing his eye to cancer, a man transforms it into a flashlight.

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The most amazing response came from a man who lost an eye to cancer and transformed his prosthetic replacement into a lantern. Losing an eye can be a devastating blow, but one man used his ordeal to become a technological marvel by turning his artificial eye into a useful tool.

He demonstrated how he was able to make use of the eye he lost to cancer by inserting a flashlight into it. He posted a video of his incredible innovation, demonstrating how useful it is in the dark and how cool it looks to have an eye that glows with light.

He made the observation that it was good for reading at night after showing a film of the eye light on while the room lights were on and off.

The light is powerful enough to illuminate a pitch-black space, and because it is cleverly integrated into the eye socket, the other eye won't be blinded by it.

Even more incredible, all of the electronics required to transform his prosthetic eye into a brilliant light can be contained within his prosthetic eye.

He calls it his 'Titanium Skull Lamp,' and he claims it can provide 20 hours of light on a single battery while remaining cool.

Given that it's implanted inside his brain, that's a fairly useful feature; if it became as hot as some other lights do, it'd be unwearable and uncomfortable.

Fortunately, this inventive entrepreneur has been hard at work turning his luminous eye into something that people can use comfortably.

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