Gaia’s New Show About Experts in Channeling Has the World Captivated

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Channeling: A Bridge to the Beyond was produced by industry veteran Jason Liggett and investigates the collective consciousness and the phenomenon of channeling with the world’s top experts and experiencers including Shaman Durek, Darryl Anka, Mitch Horowitz, Sheila Gillette, Aaron Abke, Matías De Stefano, and Helané Wahbeh, ND, MCR.

Each episode explores different forms of channeling as well as the powerful benefits channeled material can bring for spiritual growth and transformation.

Viewers will have a chance to explore what channelers, oracles, seers, shamans, mediums, and enlightened beings have in common, and what can we learn from their messages. From the origins of the Ouija board to the idea of lost souls, spirit guides, ghosts, and personal stories from the Near-Death experience, viewers will get an insider's view of renowned historical scientists accessing higher dimensions. The first five episodes of the 10 - episode series are streaming right now.

Some of the content that Gaia offers on the topic of channeling includes interviews with spiritual teachers and healers who discuss their experiences with channeling, as well as workshops and classes on how to develop one's own channeling abilities. The content also includes guided meditations, visualizations, and exercises that are intended to help viewers connect with their own inner guidance and higher self.

The channeling content on Gaia is produced by experts in the field and they are aimed to provide the viewers with a deeper understanding of the practice, as well as tools and techniques for exploring their own spiritual path. The channeling content is typically aimed at people who are interested in personal growth, spirituality, and alternative forms of healing.

Despite the idea of spirituality not being followed by many people within today's society, the experts give a vivid explanation of why channeling is one of the best and oldest healing practices to improve spiritually and strengthen our connection to the planet and the greater cosmos.

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