The Estimated Earnings of Andrew Tate Revealed

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Andrew Tate, a social media influencer, got many of his millions of followers by claiming them he's wealthy and will make them wealthy as well. However, no one actually knows exactly where this income comes from and most importantly how much he actually earns.

From posing on yachts and video himself jetting off to Dubai, the self-proclaimed misogynist was arrested in December on suspicion of being a member of an organized crime ring, human trafficking, and rape.

The Romanian police, who are investigating Tate, 36, and his brother and business partner, Tristan, 34, has seized symbols of Tate's apparent wealth, including luxury cars and homes.

So, now that Tate's assets are under scrutiny, how much money does his company actually make?

According to CNN, Tate believes he signed a $9 million contract with Rumble in 2022. Rumble issued a statement to CNN calling for the claims against Tate to be "investigated immediately and thoroughly".

According to this estimate, Tate's most popular video "EMERGENCY MEETING 1 - THE MATRIX ATTACKS," which aired five months ago in the days after he was banned from other social platforms, might have earned him up to $133,500 after 2.67 million views.

The now-sold-out shirts cost $100 each, with 1,000 on hand. This indicates that the T-shirts would have generated $100,000 in income. This is the total amount earned, excluding any outgoings or profit division.

These calculations are based on information from Tate's website. Another T-shirt called "Vision" was sold on his website, according to the archive. It was placed up for sale at $100 each shirt, with 651 available, potentially making $65,100.

A pair of mugs were on sale for $139 with 888 on offer, with a potential profit of $123,400. This suggests that $265,100 may have been generated just through products since the end of October.

Tate sells access to schemes that claim to educate people how to make money online through sessions on subjects like copywriting and cryptocurrency trading.

There are two levels of access available. The first is "The Real World," a reboot of Hustler's University, which closed down last year.

Subscribers pay $49.99 a month for access to group chat rooms, tutorials and "millionaire mentors". Early registrants paid a $27 registration fee, which was eventually hiked to $147.

According to the website, almost 200,000 people have transferred from Hustler's University or joined the plan since its start in November. If that statistic is correct, this would generate at least $9,998,000 in memberships per month.

Please remember that these are only estimates and not the actual number of his earnings.

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