31-foot-tall unicycle breaks Guinness World Record (Video)

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Wesley Williams aka "The One Wheel Wonder" has taken the art of unicycle riding to unprecedented new heights.Photo byGuinessWorldRecords/TikTok

Wesley, 25, of Florida, created and successfully rode the world's tallest rideable unicycle, measuring 9.71 meters (31 ft 10 in). It's over a meter taller than the previous tallest unicycle, also constructed by Wesley in 2020. Mushegh Khachatryan (Armenia) held the previous record with a 6-m (19-ft-8.2-in) high unicycle.


Tallest ridable unicycle: 9.71 m (31 ft 10 in) by Wesley Williams - The One Wheel Wonder 🇺🇸

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Wesley beat his own record barely over a year after fracturing his back during a semi-final performance on Spain's Got Talent 2021.

Wesley's unicycle broke down during a performance, sending him to tumble nearly eight metres (27 feet) to the floor. According to Guinness World Records, he sustained severe injuries that need five operations, two metal plates, 35 screws, and 83 stitches. Wesley later disclosed that the accident nearly rendered him crippled.

No one could blame Wesley for leaving the risky world of unicycle riding behind him after such a long recovery.

The One Wheel Wonder, on the other hand, has no intention of slowing down. He actually chose to go bigger than ever before.

First and foremost, he returned to the location of his tragic accident to complete what he had begun.

Wesley entered Spain's Got Talent 2022 and once again impressed the audience and judges on his way to the semi-final, where he successfully completed the stunt that had hospitalised him a year earlier while tied to a safety harness.

Wesley built his new record-breaking unicycle and prepared to mount it at Weltweihnachts Circus on December 29, 2022.

Despite the strain, Wesley seemed at ease atop the unicycle, accomplishing the amazing act flawlessly.

He successfully achieved his Guinness World Records title by completing a lap of the stage to cover the required distance.

Wesley has shown incredible resiliency to make a full recovery and perform at the highest level after sustaining such terrible injuries 14 months before the attempt. Wesley intends to use this record to demonstrate to others that nothing is impossible.

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