Tortoise Celebrates 190th Birthday As the World’s Oldest Land Animal

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A comparison of Jonathan in 1902 and Jonathan in 2022Photo byHistory of Yesterday

Jonathan the tortoise, who is now living at 190 years old, is the oldest animal alive. Jonathan has been residing on the magnificent island of Saint Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean for the past 140 years. Even those who care for the tortoise are uncertain of its past because it is so old. especially during the time when Saint Helen's served as a prisoner of war camp, from 1900 to 1902.

The Aldabra gigantic tortoise is a species of tortoise that originated either in the Seychelles islands or in the middle of Africa. The lifespan and size of the tortoises have been reported to exceed one hundred years. Although this species has been in risk of extinction since the 17th century, the island's governor received a tortoise named Jonathan as a gift in what is thought to have been 1882. Napoleon Bonaparte had been banished to this island earlier in his life.

According to the information found in the local archives, Jonathan was 50 years old when he was transported to Saint Helen.

“We have a record that he was landed in 1882 fully grown. We are told that fully grown is at least 50 years of age, and so this is how we extrapolate back to a hatching date of 1832 and forward to a current age of 183 (now 190). Life expectancy is 150.” (Quote by Joe Hollins)

Since then, caring for this magnificent creature, which is still going strong despite outliving the typical human by three times, has fallen to the townspeople. On the property of a former plantation house, Jonathan is preserved.

Scientists had even examined Jonathan to get the conclusion that, given his stature in the 1902 photograph, it is quite likely that he was 50 years old when he was taken to the island in 1882. The Guinness Book of World Records also named Jonathan the oldest living reptile.

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