The Man With the Longest Nose in Human History

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The freak show performer with the largest nose in the world was given a spot in the Guinness Book of Records, and a wax replica of his head can be found in the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum. He had an unidentified ailment that produced his 20 cm large nose and the intellectual retardation that began at age five. Thomas Wedders, sometimes known as Thomas Wadhouse, was double humorous since he was seen as a freak and an imbecile.

Researchers think his parents were related, which would sort of explain the big nose. Around 1730, he was born in Yorkshire, England, and passed away around 1780, just before the first circus tent was erected in London and performances began to take place all year round.

Here is what The Strand Magazine, Vol. XI, also from 1896, described him:

‘If noses ever reflected a man’s importance, this worthy should have amassed all the money in Threadneedle Street and conquered all Europe, for his enormous nose was a mixture of possessiveness and pugnacity. But either his chin was too weak or his forehead too low, or Nature had so exhausted herself in giving this prodigy a nose that she forgot to endow him with brains; or else the nose supplanted the latter. In any case, the Yorkshire man died with his nose as he’d lived – in a state of mind best described by the word ‘idiocy”.

In the shape of a wax sculpture, Wedders' beak is still on display at Ripley's Believe It Or Not Odditoriums today. There, you may choose whether to think that his nose was as enormous as claimed or that time had lengthened it, making this story just as fictitious as Pinocchio.

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