What Is the Closest Place on Earth to Paradise?

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Paradise, is a word that can have many definitions as for all of us, paradise may be different. However, a more general description of this word is a perfect environment where beauty, freedom, and a prosperous life take president. Many people like to refer to paradise as heaven on Earth and although our planet is becoming far from that, experts have determined what country comes the closest to being defined as paradise on Earth.

With the use of statistical data and historical archives, analysts have managed to determine what country comes on top. This has been done by using an equation created by The Global Paradise on Earth Index in which each country has to meet certain criteria with a score.

The index analyzes four main criteria:

1. Where you want to live 25%
2. How kind of people are there 25% 
3. Freedom to be there who you are 25%
4. Potential to succeed there in your life 25%

Using this exact index, all the countries in the world have been analyzed, taking into consideration the most recent data available in official governmental archives.

Country Ranking:

Shared 1 & 2 : USA & New Zealand (200)
Shared 3 & 4 & 5 : Canada & Ireland & Denmark (120)
Shared 6 & 7 : UK & Switzerland (100)
Shared 8 & 9 : Australia & Singapore (80)
Shared 10 & 11 : South Korea & Estonia (40) 

There have been a lot of debates between the US and New Zeland taking the first place. It isn't easy to analyse the United States due to how big it is compared to New Zeland. Despite all of this, many people say that New Zealand may come as the closest country to paradise. What are your thoughts?

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