2,000 Year Old Bible Says Jesus Was Not the Son of God

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Christianity has done a good job of concealing the ancient, 2,000-year-old Bible that the majority of people are unaware of. This is so because the Bible contains numerous gospels that were omitted from the New Testament and which provide a more accurate account of Jesus Christ's life. The fact that so many things go counter to Christian teachings has been kept a secret up until now.

The Gospel of Barnabas, which is extremely contentious, is one of the intriguing facts about this Bible. One of Jesus' apostles and an early Christian follower is named Barnabas in this book.

The Churches of Alexandria acknowledged the Gospel of Barnabas as canonical up to 325 C.E. Iranaeus (130–200) railed against Paul for incorporating concepts from the ancient Roman religion and Platonic philosophy into Christianity. He regularly used the Gospel of Barnabas to support his claims. This suggests that during the first and second centuries of Christianity, the Barnabas Gospel was frequently read.

It was decided to burn all original Hebrew-language Gospel manuscripts at the Nicene Council in 325 CE. An edict was given that anyone found in possession of these Gospels would be put to death. What is believed to be one of the very last copies of the Gospel was discovered in the 16th century in the personal library of Pope Sixtus.

The most intriguing claim stated in Barnabas' Gospel is that Jesus wasn't even crucified since he was not the son of God. This Bible portrays Jesus as a prophet whose purpose and destiny is to attain paradise by practicing charity and imparting Christian principles to other followers.

One of Jesus Christ's original twelve apostles, Judas Iscariot, is the one who is ultimately crucified in this tale.

Another intriguing feature of this story is that Jesus and Prophet Mohamed eventually united after meeting, demonstrating that it is possible to live in a world without crusades or murders committed in the name of one religion or another. It has been kept a secret for many years because, as you might imagine, the Christian Church could not accept such beliefs or teachings to reach the Christian population.

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