Boy Evades Abduction Attempt by Asking Cashier To Pretend To Be His Mom

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A surveillance video at the store captured the moment and shows the woman standing at the door as if she were waiting for SammyPeople

A ten-year-old child avoided being abducted because of his fast thinking. During his return trip from school, Sammy Green was being followed by a lady.

The kid's father, Sam Green, told WPVI that the woman claimed to know his family and that the boy was meant to accompany her.

She promised to take him to a neighboring Wawa where he could get anything he desired.

Sammy entered a gift shop while waiting outside since she didn't trust the woman. He informed the cashier about the woman's pursuit and requested that she pose as his mother.

The cashier, a 17-year-old, jumped out from behind the register, shut the door, and dialed 911. In the end, the woman went.

"I am very proud of her. Hannah is a 17-year-old young lady. She did everything correctly," the shop owner, Dani Small

The woman was located by police, who then had her evaluated for mental health. Police withheld the woman's identity and the reason behind her attempt to abduct Sammy.

Metro News has also posted a video of the surveillance footage showing how everything happened.

Prior to being accosted by the employee, the lady was seen lingering outside for approximately a minute on the flower shop's surveillance tape.

Before the stranger can ultimately be seen leaving, Hannah calmly walked over to the door, shut it, and then she turned to face the stranger. This is a reminder for all parents to instruct their children on how to act if they end up in a similar scenario.

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