The US Government Proposed To Nuke the Moon

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The United States has come up with a number of plans to become the dominating force in the globe. In spite of the fact that not all of these recommendations were pursued and carried out by the army, the bulk of them was, and they came in various forms and sizes. Particularly during the Cold War, when Americans faced up against the Red Bear in the East, this was true. As the USSR began to catch up to the US in terms of technology in the 1950s and 1960s, plans were made to show the American people that the US still held the upper hand. When a certain strategy was revealed, it would startle the entire globe.

According to declassified documents, the US government had secret plans to destroy the Moon. The concept was to set off a nuclear explosion on the lunar surface in a scene straight out of a Hollywood action flick in which our space army attacks extraterrestrial visitors who had parked on the Moon. However, a man might never have taken that ‘small step' if the U.S. had instead decided to act on another of its plans – Project A119, as the plan to nuke the moon is named in the declassified files.

The Soviet Union stepped up its scientific endeavors after World War II. Thanks to stolen German research and an inflow of experts from their recently seized provinces, the Soviets were gradually catching up to the US. When the Soviet Union succeeded in creating its own atomic weapon in 1949, making it the second nuclear power in the world, this became abundantly evident. only three years following the American development and use of the hydrogen bomb.

A new kind of arms race started at this time, but this one didn't aim to cause the most deaths possible. Both the USSR and the US began to turn their attention away from their adversaries and toward the stars. Thus, the space race started.

The public in America was stunned by this episode, and many people were concerned that the Soviet Union was winning the Cold War. Washington's leadership debated various strategies to show the rest of the world that they are still the dominant power as the United States approached its own space race milestones. These discussions produced a potentially harmful idea. What would occur if the US detonated a nuclear weapon on the moon?

The Armour Research Foundation's scientists presented the aforementioned query for the first time in 1958. This group examined the effects of nuclear weapons on the environment and addressed the issue of what would happen if a nuclear explosion took place on the moon.

The US looked for measures to assert its authority as American citizens' concern of Soviet scientific advancements grew. On a region of the moon that got no sunlight but was still discernible from Earth, a nuclear weapon was first intended to go off. This would make the explosion more visible and enable global viewing. Concerns regarding nuclear device launch issues and the possibility of impending future moon colonization led to the project's cancellation.

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