Food Courier Hiked for 6 Hours on Top of Mount Fuji To Deliver an Order

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Footage recently showed a deliveryman taking a walk up Mount Fuji to bring snacks to hungry hikers.New York Post

A group of tourists who were climbing up Japan's famous Mount Fuji earlier this month went on the trip unprepared as they did not have enough food supplies on them by the time they reached the top of the mount. Therefore, they thought it would be a good idea to place an order. They called the Indonesian delivery company Gojek who agreed to deliver their food on top of mount Fuji but were made aware that their order would most likely be cold as it takes at least 6 hours to climb to the top.

A young delivery driver whose name is still unknown had made the delivery by climbing at the top of mount Fuji, 12,388 feet to be exact. The footage presented by the New York Post showed how for this employee it was just another day at work. The deliveryman handed the food with a smile on his face, waved at the tourists, and left on his way to make another order.

Here is the footage showing the delivery man arriving to deliver the food:

People are considering this now to be the longest food delivery. An unofficial record is held by a man who traveled from Greece to the UK to deliver a fresh meal. The hungry man with a hankering for Greek food got the surprise of his life when the Mediterranean meal he was craving turned up on his doorstep 2,263 miles away in England.

On Saturday, August 20, a different takeaway delivery worker bravely scaled the volcano to deliver Domino's pizza to tourists who were in need. The fast food chain's black jacket and boots were on the mountain climber, who was also carrying a rucksack full of pizza boxes and bearing the company's emblem.

It is amazing to see just how far these delivery workers would go to make people happy and ensure a meal. As you can imagine, the payout, as well as the tip, is also as the size of the mountain.

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