The Accidental Discovery of a Time-Capsule Meant for 2957

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The Time Capsule that was discovered in the Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMIT Museum

Time capsules have been a real gift from our ancestors as with them we managed to learn so much. People in ancient times did not necessarily refer to them as time capsules, but as something that future generations would treasure. It is unknown exactly when the trend of leaving time-capsules around for future generations began, but the more we dig for them the more we find, sometimes even accidently.

The same thing occurred at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where a time capsule meant for the year 2957 was accidentally discovered and this is because everyone forgot about its existence, despite the capsule only being around 60 years old.
Caption:A 1957 photograph shows President James R. Killian Jr. (left) and professor of electrical engineering Harold “Doc” Edgerton buryingMIT Museum

Major events at MIT in the 1950s and 1960s helped redefine pre-contemporary education in certain respects and paved the way for women to have the same possibilities as males in higher education. They were well aware that education was the only means by which a person could advance and genuinely identify their potential, which could then be used for both human and technical growth. This is why it's so crucial to leave something for future generations.
Killian Jr. (left) and Edgerton burying the time capsule in 1957MIT Museum

During excavation for MIT.nano, the Department of Facilities unearthed an unexpected relic between buildings 12 and 26: a time capsule buried on June 5, 1957, to commemorate the opening of the Karl Taylor Compton Laboratories.

The time capsule, according to MIT News, contains a letter from President Killian Jr. outlining in great detail the items contained therein. The 1957 time capsule contained records of several scientific hypotheses and other technical innovations. Additionally, certain well-known publications from the era that cover the most significant events of the 1950s are included. The items were created to be saved for an extremely advanced society in the distant past so that our age and theirs may both be remembered in some way.

The Time Capsule that was discovered in 2015MIT Museum
In a letter placed inside the time capsule, Killian wrote that the capsule contains “documents and mementos which tell something of the state of science, technology and education and, more specifically, the state of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology” in 1957. Materials inside the capsule include a copy of “A Scientist Speaks,” by Karl T. Compton, new coins from the First National Bank of Boston, a keepsake mug for the Class of 1957, an empty tonic bottle, and a small container of synthetic penicillin. Additionally, Tech Talk notes that the cylinder also contained a cryotron, “the tiny unit invented at MIT this year which will replace complex tubes and expensive transistors in electronic computers of the future.”

According to rumors, MIT resealed the capsule and reburied it in a separate location, all the while staying on its campus. Additionally, they promised to keep better records of the time capsule so that nothing would be "accidentally" built over it, even if it does provide a far better shelter for it to endure until 2957. Though no one can predict the future, it is hoped that humans won't wipe off the planet until 2957 or later. Only time can tell.

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