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The Woman Who Was Pregnant for 12 Months

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Beulah Hunter in her 9th month of pregnancyHistory of Yesterday

Post-term or late-term pregnancies are not something unusual if we are talking about a few days, tops a week, but having a baby overdue over 100 days is something only once recorded in human history. Taking into consideration that a normal pregnancy lasts on average between 259 days (37 weeks) to 287 days (41 weeks), having a pregnancy carry on for 375 days is a whole different story.

In 1945 a woman named Beulah Hunter have birth to a healthy baby girl in Los Angeles after being pregnant with her for a bit over 12 months. Hunter at the age of 25 experienced the longest gestation period of one year and 10 days. It is surprising as her pregnancy went well, without any complications.

She started feeling her morning sickness in her second month of pregnancy, and that is when she realized that she was pregnant. She did everything by the book, going to regular medical checkups and the whole nine yards. The womb was developing at a normal rate, predicting that the baby was to be delivered on time, at least at the time.

During the next couple of months, Hunter did not feel any changes concerning her pregnancy. It is also strange because the baby's heart did not start to beat until the 7th month, usually showing signs of slow development. Despite all this, the baby was showing signs that she was in good health. The doctors came up with a theory stating that Hunter may have lost her first pregnancy without realizing it and quickly became pregnant again, sort of justifying the long period of time. However, doctor Daniel Beltz who delivered the baby produced a test performed in the laboratory dated March 24, which proved that the woman's menstruation cycle stopped on February 10

Little Penny Diana (as her parent named her) was born on February 21, 1945, at a healthy weight of 6.9 pounds which is considered almost the perfect weight for a newborn.

Beulah Hunter with Penny Diana and her husband after she gave birthHistory of Yesterday

The baby was very healthy despite the year-long pregnancy. On the other hand, a lot of controversies started that questioned the veracity of the case. If a 12-month pregnancy was to be possible, it would happen more frequently. Dr. Blitz confronted everyone, stating that the pregnancy did last over 12 months. As a historical record, there is the medical stamp of Beulah Hunter, stating that she was pregnant for a year and 10 days.

The original medical papers proving the 12-month pregnancyHistory of Yesterday

Penny Diana Hunter grew up as a healthy child with no problems or other complications due to the 12-month pregnancy. Almost 100 years have passed since then, and medics still cannot understand what caused such a pre-longed pregnancy.

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