AI-Generated Selfies Show the Last Days of Humanity

Andrei Tapalaga
Selfies generated by Artificial intelligenceRobot Overlords/TikTok

Art-based AI generators have become quite popular and many people are using this artificial intelligence to create interesting art and images. What these generators do is use all the graphics present on the internet to create images based on keywords.

When a TikToker under the name of @RobotOverloards asked the AI, “what will the last selfies on Earth look like?” these are some of the images the AI generated. The images have been shared on two TikToks which have become viral overnight.

The images show what seems to be humans that have been affected by extreme weather changes and years of war. The controversial TikToker takes the fears of humans and generates images of what they would look like in real life using artificial intelligence, which in all respect does a great job as the images look very realistic.

This specific artificial intelligence-based nightmare creator was entitled Dall.E Mini but has recently been rebranded to Craiyon. Anyone can use it to generate very realistic-looking images using specific keywords. The TikToker mentioned in a description that the images represent humanity which has been affected by an apocalyptic event and from the looks of it they are close to extinction.

Based on the prediction that the artificial intelligence is making through these images, we won’t be looking very good in the future and it is to be expected as with the decline of the eco-system so too will all organisms decline in health as well appearance.

It is worth mentioning that this artificial intelligence takes into consideration a lot of information before producing images, therefore these images are the results of every piece of information available on the internet. Therefore, it can be argued that the AI had taken all options into consideration before reaching a verdict showing such grim images of humanity before its brink.

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