The Answer to the Texas Abortion Ban Is a Floating Abortion Clinic

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California doctor proposes floating abortion clinic in Gulf of Mexico to bypass bansMichael Reichelt/Unsplash

The abortion ban within Texas and following in other states within the US has created a complete nightmare for the female community. This ideology has been compared by many people to the alcohol prohibition from the 1920s and how it's negative impacts are quite similar to what is to follow in the upcoming months.

Bannig something on this scale, although not similar will only push people to find new illegal ways to proceed with their "everyday business". This will not stop abortions, it might actually amplify the levels of abortions taking place in Southern America.

After many lawful debates, a doctor from California proposes to create a floating abortion clinic in the Gulf of Mexico where the Texas law will not apply, allowing for abortions to be completed by respecting the law. Doctor Meg Autry, an obstetrician and gynecologist at the Unviersity of Califnornia San Fransisco proposes this plan in order to save many American souls from this nightmare.

The clinic will be set on a ship in the federal waters and out of reach of state laws that would offer first trimester surgical abortions, contraception and other care, as stated by Dr. Meg in an interview with the Associated Press.

“There’s been an assault on reproductive rights in our country and I’m a lifelong advocate for reproductive health and choice. We have to create options and be thoughtful and creative to help people in restrictive states get the health care they deserve,” (Quote by Doctor Meg Autry)

Doctor Meg follows the same principles that abortion ban is quite similar to the prohibition within the 20th century, nothing good will come out of it. More crime will be created due to this change within the state of Texas and following other states within the US. Many other famous writers and journalists such as David Frum, a writer from the Atlantic wrote an article comparing the prohibition to the current abortion battle.

He tried to explain how the prohibition divided the nation and why the ban on abortion will do the same or have an even worst impact.

"Before and during Prohibition, alcohol had seemed a moral issue of absolute right and wrong. Between heaven and hell (as the prohibitionists told it), between liberty and tyranny (as the repealers regarded it), how could there be compromise?" (Quote by David Frum from The Antlantic)

During the prohibition era, the American population saw the consumption of alcohol as either an absolute right or wrong moral issue, just as many people are seeing abortion today. Although abortion is quite a different issue at hand, it sort of follows the same moral issues as it implies going against certain religious belives.

It is not only ensuring that doctors from the US are not risking jail by performing abortions, but also ensuring that mothers carrying babies will not have their health or the health of their babies put at risk by uncertified doctors on the "black market" offering illegal abotions services. Although women in souther states could go to other states where abortion is still legal, it may not be so easy, therefor having an abortion clinic in the southernmost part of these states could make the life of these women so much easier as well as safer.

As the opinion of those that support abortions, it should be the choice of every women around the world, despite certain cultural, religious or social beliefs.

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