Republican States That Georgia Guidestone Was Destroyed by God’s Will

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This aerial image taken from video shows damage to the Georgia Guidestones monument near ElbertonGA Bureau of Investigation

The Georgia Guidestones is also known as “America’s Stonehedge” was introduced on March 22, 1980 by a person under the pseudonym R.C. Christian, and has created controversy ever since. Some critics mentioned that it tried to mimic the importance of the famous monument from England, whilst others consider it to be a “satanic” site.

This statement has been reinforced at the beginning of 2022 by the Republican candidate for governor Kndiss Taylor who considered that the site on which the Guidestone monument had been placed is satanic and that if she is elected, the Guidestones will be demolished.

Recently, the Guidestones had been bombed by an unknown suspect, as mentioned by authorities from Georgia that are still investigating the incident. The GA Bureau of Investigation even posted the surveillance video on Twitter where the suspect planted the bomb, it is true that the image is very unclear, but that was the last entity to approach the monument before the explosion.

Despite the unclear footage, Kandiss Taylor had posted a tweet right after the bombing took place saying that it was God who blew the monument down for being of a satanic nature.

Her comment received a lot of support from many Republicans as well as Christians that believe it was God. Christopher Kubas, executive vice-president of the Elberton Granite Association mentioned in an interview that some of the locals did not like the wording present on the monument, whilst others actually enjoyed the granite structure.

The authoraties beleive that the suspect who bombed the monument may be a person who witnessed the online controversy and got fed up with all the atention the monument has been recieving. There are many reasons behind why the monument had been destroyed and this is why the list of potential suspects is quite large, authoraties however still believe it is someone from the local area.

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