FedEx Apologizes for Not Delivering a Human Corpse for Three Years

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FedEx Apologizes for Not Delivering a Human Corpse for Three Yearsjp26jp/Pixabay

For the past three years, FedEx has failed to deliver the body of deceased Jeffrey Merriweather who was killed in a suspected shooting in 2019. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution had recently posted on Twitter sharing the story of how Merriweather's body is still missing after three years. A Twitter bot created by FedEx to respond to people that share complaints on social media about their experience has responded to the post, apologizing for losing the remains of Merriweather. 

Although the Twitter post has been deleted some users managed to screenshot it:
A screenshot of a since-deleted tweet from FedEx HelpWashingtonPost/Twitter

Back in 2019 Merriweather’s body had been sent to a medical examiner’s office in Georgia with the hopes to find the cause of death and bring some clarity to the case. After examinations that led nowhere, the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office decided to ship them via FedEx to a specialized lab in St. Louis.

“It’s a nightmare you can’t wake up from,” Kathleen Merriweather, Jeffrey’s mother, told the Journal-Constitution of the situation.

FedEx is saying that they have no record of this transport because it could have never happened. Based on FedEx policy, they are prohibited from delivering “human remains”. However, the Journal-Constitution reports that the decomposed remains of Merriweather were shipped on July 5, 2019, with the medical examiner being charged $32.61 for the shipping service as well as signing for the package. 

A FedEx spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment early Friday. The spokesperson, later on, responded, passing the blame for the lost corpse to the Fulton county medical Examiner's Office

“Our thoughts and concerns remain with the family of Mr. Merriweather, however, we request that further questions be directed to the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office. Shipments of this nature are prohibited within the FedEx network.” (Presented in statement given by FedEx spokesmen)

No one knows what happened to the body of Jeffrey Merriweather. Investigators working on this case assume that the potential person responsible for his death tried to hide the body. Merriweather’s family is looking for some answers as they are not able to move on since the death of Jeffry. Kathleen Merriweather, Jeffrey's mother said that they are not able to move on until she gets to bury the remains of her son. 

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