Woman Lived With the Wrong Dog for Months After Mixup at the Groomers

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Both pet owners lived with the wrong pet for four months before realizingRalphs Fotos/Pixabay

Sometimes the love of a dog is so unconditional that they do not react if an owner changes overnight. The same thing had happened to a woman who shared her story via a very popular pet group on Reddit. The owner of the pet had claimed to have lived with the wrong dog for four months before realizing that the dog she was living with was not her Emma (name of her dog).

Everything happened after the last trip to the groomers. Emma is a German Shepherd cross Newfoundland. That same day and time Emma was taken to the groomers, another female dog of the exact same breed was present. The groomers mixed the two dogs due to their very similar physical appearance. 

“When we got her back from her hair cut she began to act very strange. Physically, she was identical but mentally she was not there. She began to get more aggressive (She bit my hand when I would feed her scraps, or she wanted my attention), ignore people whom she knew and was acquainted with (this dog bonded to me and ignored my father, brother, and neighbors), and she changed her entire routine with the family.” (Quote by Pet Owner)

The dog that she was thinking is Emma was actually named Bear. The pet owner who got Emma called the groomers as they were concerned that there might have been a potential mix-up. The two dogs were not acting right because they were not with their owners. 

The two pet owners met up to exchange dogs. The groomers apologized and offered a basket full of toys for the two dogs to enjoy. 

This is where the story gets even crazier. The two dogs were more identical than just their breed goes, showing characteristics as if they were siblings or even twins. When the two pet owners had spoken about where they got their dog, it turns out Emma and Bear are from the same litter. ”Their dog is my dog's almost identical twin sister from the same litter,” the pet owner of Emma explained. 

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