The Unknown Effects of Global Warming

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The highest recorded global temperature since the last ice ageTumisu/Pixabay

The world is living in one of the hottest periods in millions of years of this planet. 2022 is the year when over 20 countries around the world have recorded their highest temperatures and the experts are saying that temperatures will keep on increasing. It has been mentioned over and over again that Global Warming is what will provoke a new mass extinction event that will affect humans more than anything.

A new study that has been recently published showed that Global Warming and this hot summer that we are facing is the result of a butterfly effect that keeps on expanding and each day that passes it simply makes it harder to combat. The study mentioned that the major problem is that the Arctic out of all places on Earth is warming the fastest, leading to a glacial melt which in the end affects the eco-system.

Without balance, the world has to suffer and this can be seen through the major outbreaks of wildfires, especially in Europe. West Europe has faced a record-breaking number of simultaneous wildfires which has created a crisis. Many countries around the world have placed a temporary ban on the use of water for plants, vegetation, and agriculture.

England has recorded today the highest temperature in the history of the country at over 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40 Celcius). This has created a panic within society, especially hearing that people are sentenced to prison if caught watering their garden. Most of the citizens not only within the UK but all over Earth are not used to such sudden increases in temperature, leading to many deaths arguably due to climate change.
Global Temperature from 1900 to 2022, the effect of Global WarmingNCEI

The National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) has warned the world since February that this summer will reach another extreme and that this is only the beginning. As seen on the graph, although we are talking about an increase of 2 degrees over a period of 100 years, these two degrees are what are causing major environmental issues around the world.

All of this is caused by the constant growth of pollution within the last century as it correlates very well with the expansion of population and the overall increase in spending power which has allowed people to travel more, therefore burning more fossil fuels.

“The global surface temperature during December 2021–February 2022 was 0.84°C (1.51°F) above the 20th century average, tying with 2015 as the fifth highest in the 143-year global record. The last eight December–February periods (2015–22) rank among the ten warmest such period on record. The global temperature for the December–February period has increased at an average rate of 0.08°C (0.14°F) per decade since 1880 and close to twice that rate (0.15°C /0.27°F) since 1981.” (NCEI Report February 2022)

The report presented in February has shown the possible anomalies that could affect the heatwave and based on the patterns presented on the map, they suit perfectly the most affected countries in the world by this heatwave.
500 Millibar Heithg and Anomalies (in meters)NCEI/NCEP

This butterfly effect will not only affect the health of people but also the whole world from an economical perspective. With such high temperatures present in many countries around the world, the tourism industry could take another big hit, even bigger than before.

It is not only the canceled flights, surging airfares, rental car shortages, or record gas prices but also the realization of many that the most prominent reason people travel during the summer is for nicer weather. So why pay thousands of dollars when you have nice weather at home? Not only that, but the beaches are starting to disappear as temperatures are too high for people to stay safe, especially with the current sun storms the likelihood of skin medical conditions has drastically increased.

With a shortage of spending on tourism, it will end up affecting the economy of many countries, especially when so many countries depend on tourism to survive. Of course, if this occurs it will lead to the creation of another issue, expanding the never-ending butterfly effect of global warming and climate change. If this summer is not a wake-up call for people all around the world of how serious climate change actually is, I don’t think we can ever stop it.

We have entered this stage where our planet is stuck inside a microwave that seems to not be stopping and only increasing its temperature. Recycling may not be the solution here as most people point out. It comes down to the levels of carbon dioxide produced through the burning of fossil fuels, with the highest recorded in the transportation sector. Specialists point out that we are entering an era that is irreversible:

“The annual rate of increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide over the past 60 years is about 100 times faster than previous natural increases, such as those that occurred at the end of the last ice age 11,000–17,000 years ago.” (Quote by Rebecca Lindsey/Climate.Gov)

All of these factors and many more which have not been mentioned within this article are playing an important role in climate change and this eradicating global warming.

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